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January 2016
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Jan 2016

How To Travel With Only A Few Bucks


Many people wish they could travel and see other parts of the world. One of the things that deter them is the availability of cash to set aside for travel, because many think that travelling is an expensive activity. But today, travelling could actually be done cheaply (if you read the tips below you’ll see how). And we’re not even touching on the subject of travelling using budget airlines, where you can avail of insanely cheap airline tickets, so here goes.

Don’t be confused. Couchsurfing is different from being a couch potato. Couchsurfing means that you can spend a night or two on the couch of a friend, a new acquaintance or even a stranger, for free! It is also free to sign up for couchsurfing, create your profile and view profiles and reviews of about 400,000 hosts located everywhere in the world.

WWOOFING is all about going planting organically. It actually means Willing Workers On Organic Farms. It’s an organization operating in over 100 countries globally. The willing workers or the volunteers work on an organic farm for about four to six hours daily. Farm activities include cheese-making, milking cows, making sheds for chicken, weeding and harvesting. In exchange for doing farm work, volunteers are offered accommodation and food and learn about organic and alternative lifestyles.

House Swap
If you own a house, you might try house swapping. This will allow you to stay in a house instead of in a hotel when you’re in another country, which is more convenient and comfortable. The length of stay could be for a weekend or even a month. The choice of abode is extensive as well, and in a variety of locations, so you can stay in the mountains or along the beach or in the city.

Helpx is for those who like to have a working holiday. This method of travelling cheaply is practised in Australia as well as in the United States, Canada, Europe and New Zealand. It provides travellers with the chance to live in boats, hostels, B&Bs, ranches, homestays and in farms. It is quite similar to Wwoofing although the hosts need not be organic.

Carpooling is one way to travel easily and cheaply and at the same time meet new people and form friendships. There are no membership fees for carpooling, although there are several online communities where you can check out other car poolers. This method requires some careful organisation and planning, since the car pooler needs to fill up the car.

This is similar to house swapping in the sense that you can stay in a house, but with house sitting, you do not need to have a house of your own to swap. It’s better if you have skills such as caring for pets and house plants or garden.

There are other options so you can travel to several places cheaply. The most important thing is to be think of your personal safely. Carefully check out the hosts, their references, IDs and phone numbers and read reviews about the host, the locations, the property and the inclusions so your search for a truly cheap travel option will be worthwhile.

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