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January 2016
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Jan 2016

Built Just To Look Great On Instagram


Have you ever just thought about how seriously good looking some destinations look on Instagram? and we are talking no filter needed! (seriously). Here is a collection of destinations that Skiddoo feel were secretly destined to be built just to look great on Instagram. We’ll not blame you if you decide to include them in your next travel itinerary.

Petra Monastery, Jordan



Check out @kirstenalana  near the doorway of the Monastery of Petra in Jordan would look like a very small object, which proves the enormous size of the entrance of the ancient building. The monastery had been carved into sandstone around the 2 AD by the Nabataeans. Also called El-Deir, the monastery looks very beautiful, tinged by vari-coloured sandstone, including pink, white and vibrant red.  The Petra Archaeological Park was listed with the UNESCO World Heritage in 1985. In 2007, it was declared as one of the world’s new seven wonders.


Skiathos, Greece


@theplanetd was surrounded by the Aegean Sea is the small but quite beautiful island of Skiathos, Greece. What makes this small island very popular as a tourist destination is its 60 wonderful beaches along a 45-kilometre coastline, particularly the Koukounariés Beach. It’s a wonderful place to visit, where you do not have to wade through throngs of people to reach the water during high season. The nightlife in Skiathos is vibrant and food served varies from international to savoury Greek cuisine. There’s facilities for sailing and hiring yachts, scuba diving, horse riding centre, mountain biking and hiking, and shopping.


Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park, Costa Rica


Find @ourwildabandon exploring tree canopies through aerial bridges in Costa Rica, the Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park is situated in a tropical forest, covering 250 hectares of mature forest. The forest canopy trail covers three kilometres and has a total of 15 bridges, six of which are hanging (suspension) bridges. It affords a fantastic view of a diverse rain forest in Costa Rica, which is found in between lowland and highland forest boundary, with species from both areas showing integration. You can go around the circular trail on your own and observe unique tree species and exotic highland bird species and several lowland flora and fauna as well. Walks can be arranged night and day.


St Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest, Hungary


Captured by @everythingeverywhere, the beautiful St Stephen’s Basilica located in Budapest has an impressive dome. The dome’s height is 96 metres, which is the same as the Parliament Building’s height. The height is significant, as it refers to the year 896 when the Magyar tribes settled in the Carpathian Basin and started the foundation of today’s Hungary. It’s possible to ascend the dome, either by a lift or if you’re feeling energetic, you can walk up the 302 steps to reach the terrace surrounding the dome for an uninterrupted 360-degree view of the city. Its interior is worth a closer look, featuring 50 types of marble, ornate decorations and several sculptures. The Chapel of the Holy Right is a purpose-built chapel that holds the mummified right hand of St Stephen, who was Hungary’s first Christian king.


Mono Lake, California


Mono Lake, which is found in the town of Lee Vining in Mono County in California, is a huge and shallow saline soda lake. It was naturally created about 760,000 years ago. The lake has high levels of salts making the water alkaline due to the absence of an outlet. It features several formations of rare tufa or pinnacles of calcium carbonate. They were formed underwater thousands of years ago but are now exposed as the lake’s water level had gone down. The land around the lake is barren except for unusual formations such as the cinder cones, rhyolite domes, craters and lava fields. It’s an area that’s protected by the Mono Lake Tufa State Reserve. See @mattbg photograph of a dilapidated and abandoned house which can be seen on Test Station Road, which is to Mono Lake’s south.


Cosmos Pavilion Museum, Moscow


See  @samhorine on the top of The Cosmos Pavilion Museum, located at the VDNKh Park in Moscow. This grand, beautifully designed building, one of the many installations in the huge park, has a full size interactive model of the Mars-Tefo space station. It is partly an interactive museum and educational project that’s especially devoted to Mars’s exploration. Visitors could be a space explorer or an astronaut. Mars-Tefo could be experienced by touching it, trying it or looking at it. A simulator allows visitors to experience a walk on Mars, which leads to  a station to view sandstorms. The images are authentic. They were taken in 2012 by the Curiosity space probe. A screening room shows a film on the red Planet’s exploration and conquest. In front of the pavilion is a Vostok rocket.


Tikal, Guatemala


There are plenty of Mayan ruins to be found in Guatemala, and the most popular is Tikal, photographed beautifully by @ovunno . It covers a very large area, is a World Heritage-listed site and the centre of Mayan culture in Guatemala. The huge city is believed to have been in existence since 200 AD, but was abandoned by 900 AD due to drought. Temples 1 to 5 are the most notable. Facing one another are Temples 1 and 2. Climb Temple 2 so that you can get superb photos of Temple 1 and also get a better view of the acropolis. All the other temples have stairways, and all are equally stunning.


Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson, Florida


Captured by @sean_ensch_images , about 70 nautical miles from Key West in Florida is Dry Tortugas National Park, which is known for its outstanding coral reefs and sugar-white beaches. Only about one per cent of the park is above water. Garden Key, surrounded by great coral reefs, is the location of  Fort Jefferson, a huge military installation used in the 19th century. Dry Tortugas is the nesting ground of sea turtles and sooty terns. Although conditions are primitive in Dry Tortugas (no running water, restrooms and food concessions), it offers great opportunities for snorkelling, bird watching, diving and enjoying its spectacular land and seascapes. Dry Tortugas is part of the Florida Keys, but due to its remoteness, it is only accessible by seaplane, high-speed ferry or private vessel.


Boosenburg Castle in Rüdesheim


The historic city of Rüdesheim had long been associated with winegrowing since the time of the Romans. The Boosenburg Castle, which is also called the Oberburg Castle had been constructed in the 9th century, and with the renovations, it looked quite unique, with its Baroque style building and a tower that was done in the Romanesque style. It is located within the vineyards of Rüdesheim as captured by @uncornered_market, sadly, the vineyards and the castle are privately owned, so the general public are not allowed to access the property.


Chefchaouen, Morocco


A city as blue as the clearest of skies in summer as seen by @lucylaucht , that’s what this gorgeously charming mountain city in northeast Morocco looks like. Chefchaouen, known as the Blue City or Blue Pearl, is a mountain village with Morocco’s Rif Mountains as its backdrop.  Moulay Ali Ben Moussa Ben Rached El Alami founded it in 1471. Mirroring the cloudless blue skies of Morocco, the powder-blue tinted buildings has religious rather than artsy origins. As an original Jewish settlement, the religious teachings suggested that using tekhelel for dyeing threads used from weaving prayer mats will remind people of the power of God. 

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