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December 2015
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Dec 2015

The Destination Guide For Every Type of Traveller


World travellers have their particular preferences when it comes to destinations they want to visit and explore. Some want to go to places where there are plenty of outdoor activities or where there are several options to discover what other things the destination offers aside from the usual attractions that most regular tourists go for. There are those who want to go in groups while others want to travel on their own. Still others plan holidays with the whole family. Destinations now also offer niche destinations, targeting couples and newlyweds. Take a look at some of the top destinations around the world that cater to individual preferences.


  • Nepal


The main lure of Nepal is Mt. Everest, which is known worldwide, and up to this day is a mountain that many people want to scale. There are seven more mountains in Nepal which could be climbed and a number of trekking sites that are considered the best in the world. Exploring Kathmandu is a great adventure as well, and being in Durbar Square will expose you to the various traditions of Buddhists and Hindus. A number of tour operators offer adventure tours in Nepal and the Himalayas, which could take a few days to over two weeks.

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  • New Zealand

new zealand

New Zealand is a destination that offers adventures in all forms, be it in the sea, under the ground, in the sky and on land. If you’re into skydiving, one of the best places to experience this extreme sport is in Queenstown, where you can also try jet-boating and bungy jumping. South Island also offers fantastic skiing holiday in Treble Cone. North Island offers black water rafting in the limestone caves in Waitomo, diving in Poor Knight Islands or going in the Zorb in Rotorua or enjoy the crystal clear waters around Cathedral Cove in a kayak.

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  • Argentina


Argentina is very diverse thus adventure seekers will definitely have a great time in the country that showcases its pampas, its rivers found near mountain ranges, its volcanoes and mountains and the Atlantic Ocean. You can go on 4×4 quad rides in Tafi del Valles, Mount Avanzado, Pinamar, El Calafate and its many sand dunes. Sky diving, deep sea diving, horseback riding, skiing and snowboarding, mountain biking, rafting, hiking and canopy walks are just some of the fantastic adventures you’ll experience in Argentina.

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  • India


Visit Ladakh, which is known for its wonderful scenery, viewed from about 3,000 metres above sea level. Kerala allows you to take things easy, so you can enjoy the scenery aboard a slow-moving boat or spend hours lounging on the beach, or take long walks in spice and tea plantations or enjoy nature in the hills of Munnar and Thekkady. Explore Mumbai’s diversity or take a walk on cobblestone streets of Pondicherry and the rows of mustard-yellow townhouses and other sights in India’s version of the French Riviera. Havelis, narrow streets, temples, museums and grand palaces are just some of the sights you’ll see in Udaipur.

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  • South America


Many people speak English in Chile and many of the sights are close by. Buenos Aires has a thriving café culture and you can listen to locals relate their history as you share a cuppa. A charming place for solo travellers is the city of Montevideo. For great fun, the Carnival in Brazil cannot be beat and if you’re a nature lover, make Peru one of your South American destination. Beaches in Medellin and fascinating history and culture are some of the things that await you in Colombia.

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  • Thailand


Your first stop should be Bangkok, where most tourists congregate. Around the city are markets, various temples dedicated mostly to Buddha and beautiful places. More impressive temples are located in Ayutthaya and Kanchanaburi is laidback and enchanting. Thailand’s famous full moon parties happen in Ko Pha Ngan and Chiang Mai is the place to be if you want to know the area’s local citizens.

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  • America


Choose lesser known destinations such as White Mountains in New Hampshire and Hocking Hills in Ohio where you and the children could enjoy the outdoors and have activities together. The slower pace in areas such as these provide you with plenty of time to bond, while you are hiking, camping, canoeing, caving, or exploring waterfalls, forests and sleeping under the stars.

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  • Hawaii


Kayak tours that include sightseeing and hiking at Wailua River in Kauai is good for family bonding. You can go hiking along the Makiki Trails in Oahu. Have a great time at the Molokai Horse & Wagon Ride in Molokai or spend a day at the Dole Park in Lanai. If you’re in Maui, allow you and your family to have an authentic luau experience at the Old Lahaina Luau, while in the Big Island, visit the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

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  • Fiji


Fiji has several family-friendly resorts that provide various activities for parents and children to join in. Castaway Island has the Castaway’s kids’ club where they are taught snorkeling, crab hunting, traditional Fijian games and competitions. Activities at the Malolo Island Resort include beach volleyball, windsurfing, sailing, kayaking and snorkelling. There are fun Fijian language lessons and cultural events presentations participated by guests. The Bula Club at Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort caters to kids, with age-centred activities. If you don’t mind getting dirty, have some fun time as a family at the Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool.

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  • Bali


Bali is famous for its beaches that are ideal for lovers and other couples. Legian and Seminyak are beachside locations that boasts of world-class restaurants, bars and shopping centres as a number of private villas and top-notch resorts. If you want luxurious digs and high-class surroundings then head off to Nusa Dua. You’ll also find idyllic places in Ubud, which is also fast earning a reputation as a paradise for gourmet travellers. Do check out the Honeymoon Bakery in Ubud.

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  • Paris


You have a choice of several romantic hotels in Paris such as the One by the Five, Pavillon de la Reine, Hotel Pont Royal, Le Meurice, Hotel Particulier Montmartre and Hotel du Collectionneur. But there are also several romantic things you can indulge in while in Paris. Spend time together looking at creations of the old and new masters in lovely museums such as the Louvre, experience sharing a meal in one of the many sidewalk cafés in Pairs or take in the sights from up high at the Arc de Triomphe, Cathedral of Notre Dame or the iconic Eiffel Tower, and hold on tight to each other as you explore the mysterious yet romantic Gothic architecture and Parisian cemeteries, include the Cimitiere du Pere Lachaise.

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  • Rome


Rome has plenty of attractions around the city that will keep couples occupied for several hours. In terms of romantic accommodations, there are several choices as well. Campo de’Fiori has theatrical bedrooms with silk and velvet brocades, beautiful sponged walls in Mediterranean colors and rooms designed boudoir style. Residenza Torre Colonna looks medieval in design, befitting the surrounding archaeological area. Close to the Spanish Steps is the luxurious Portrait Suites that prioritizes privacy. If you want to experience Belle Epoque and Art Deco romance and pampering, book at the Lord Byron.

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