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November 2015
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Nov 2015

10 Reasons Why Travel Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution


People say that travelling is therapeutic; it recharges you. Others say travelling enriches your mind, broadens your awareness of the world’s diversity and lets you get a glimpse of the cultures of different countries and its inhabitants. So the big question is, Would you make travelling your New Year’s Resolution? For us it is a definite yes! Here are 10 reasons to make travelling your next New Year’s resolution.

  • The way you relate to the world changes when you travel. It is easier to visualize life outside of your comfort zone; see and discover more of the beauty of other countries by travelling.
  • Travelling when you are younger keeps your desire to see more of the world and you become more conscious of Earth’s beauty and realize that it’s worth saving for future generations.
  • It changes your attitude towards other people. Seeing and experiencing the world’s diversity, you’ll realize that your life becomes richer when you develop friendships with people who do not act and look like yourself.
  • You learn to take on new challenges and conquer fear when you travel.
  • Travelling enriches your knowledge. You can trace a country’s history through its museums, ancient ruins, architecture, cuisine, traditions and cultural practices.
  • Budget airlines offer transatlantic routes, making it easier and faster to travel to Europe.
  • Travelling allows you to treat yourself to different tastes, whether it is various local cuisines, exotic and endemic fruits and meats, cheeses, wines and among other things, street food, which you may not have in your country or find anywhere else.
  • Your sense of freedom and adventure is awakened when you travel, giving you the chance to get away from what’s normal and routine and meet new people and explore new places you only see in magazines and in movies.
  • You’ll learn more about life than what you can get from a classroom lecture when you visit other countries.
  • Travelling changes your conception of another country.


So, what are you waiting for? 

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