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November 2015
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Nov 2015

Where You Should Travel According To Your Personality


Would you believe that there have been studies done relating your choice of travel destinations with your personality? There are travellers who only choose traditional destinations while there are those who are always looking for something new and different. There are people who like to learn from foreigners they meet, while others just want to be with people who speak the same language they do. Some people want to explore ruins of ancient civilizations, others want to haunt museums while others are into art and love to visit art galleries. A lot of people love to go to beaches, and others prefer the mountains. Local cuisine versus international food fare; flea markets versus comfortable shopping centres and malls; normal tourists activities (in/out of museums, temples, churches, palaces and such) versus adrenaline-laden outdoor and indoor activities; attractions that are close by versus a junket to places outside the city centre…take your pick. They do matter, well somewhat, if you want to take a closer look at your travel choices. So, would you like to know more about your personality and the destinations that best suit you? Then, read on!



Adventurous travellers feel it’s all right even if there’s no fixed itinerary, know how to pack light and quite at home at adapting to the situation. Often, a back pack with all the essentials is all they need to head off to a new destination. Backpackers belong to this type of traveller. They are more at home camping in the wilderness than doing some shopping. They are curious, they thrive in challenges, have a propensity for exploring and do not have qualms about wandering along off the beaten path (they love it in fact). They get excited at the thought of finding new places, meeting new people, tasting dishes that are out of the ordinary and learning a new language or two.

  • Nepal’s geography offers plenty of outdoor activities including trekking, rafting, horseback riding, mountain climbing, rock climbing, canoeing, snowboarding, bird watching and mountain biking. Fly now ✈️

  • Argentina has a series of places to delight adventure travellers, including a boat ride under Iguazú Falls and trekking in the Iguazú Jungle, paragliding in La Cumbre in the Córdoba sierra valley, white water rafting in Mendoza River, skiing in Las Leñas and Cerro Catedral or hiking in the Perito Moreno Glacier. Fly now ✈️

  • In Peru you can ride horses around the Inca sites in Sacred Valley, go zip lining at Via Ferrata or trek through the Amazon. In Nasca, you can have great fun riding a dune buggy or sand boarding. Visit Ballestas Islands and see flocks of seagulls, sea lions and other water denizens or beat the waves in Máncora, Punta Hermosa, Pico Alto (High Peak), Cabo Blanco and La Herradura. Fly now ✈️

  • India is another entrant into the adventure travel market, with hiking adventures in Ladakh and Leh and white water rafting, yak safaris and mountain biking in Spiti. Visit tribes, go caving, cross living root bridges and more in the northeast region of India or go mountaineering, skiing, hiking, fishing or white water rafting in Manali. Fly now ✈️

  • New Zealand and outdoor adventure go hand in hand. In Great Barrier Island, you can experience life with just the barest of necessities and go without electricity for a few days; surfing beginners will have fun at Manu Bay in Raglan; explore the black volcanic sand beaches of Bethell, Puha, Muriwai and Karekare; go on a cruise in Milford Sound; follow the hiking paths of Tongariro Alpine Crossing or trek around Franz Josef Glacier. Fly now ✈️ 


RT 2

A romantic traveller likes things that appeal to the senses, such as beautiful sunrises and sunsets or finding secluded beaches and trying out activities found in romance novels and travel brochures for romantic getaways. The romantic traveller likes the thought of (possibly meeting someone new) connecting with someone, a significant other or a lifelong partner, having candlelit dinners, sipping delicious wine, sharing almost everything during a trip and making many fond memories.

  • In France visit the village on the hill in St. Paul de Vence in Provence; climb Montsegur and have a romantic dinner at L’Oustal (or you can even stay overnight); cross the bridge over the Seine in romantic Paris; enjoy the carefree life in Cap d’Agde (a nudist site) or spend some time in a chateau in Loire Valley. Fly now ✈️

  • Next to Paris, Italy comes a close second when it comes to romantic getaways. Top of the list in Venice. The resort villages and villas in Lake Como, which is close to Switzerland provides a wonderful stay and plenty of scenic sights. On the Amalfi Coast is the romantic town of Positano. Tour Capri or stay in one of the pastel houses along the coast in Portofino; trace the lives of Romeo and Juliet in Verona or stay in a resort in Taormina in Sicily. Fly now ✈️

  • Maldives is for couples and offers many places that invites romance, including overwater villas and bungalows built in the middle of a lagoon. It’s a great treat for the senses, with Maldives exerting all effort to provide amenities tailored for romance. Fly now ✈️

  • Turks & Caicos is sunny almost the whole year and one of the favourites is the island of Providenciales. You can choose among various packages, from living your fantasy in a deserted island, go deep sea diving, have a candlelit dinner in Ocean Club Resorts or have a great spa treatment by the beach. Fly now ✈️

  • Find romance in the Greek Islands, such as Corfu, Santorini, Monemvasia, Rhodes, Symi, Spetses, Nafplio, Kythira, Milos and Skiathos. Fly now ✈️ 



Thinkers are intellectual travellers. They are into art, philosophy, innovation and logic. They delight in closely examining gorgeous architecture, tracing history, or looking at Renaissance art. They want to add to their knowledge, meet and observe different cultures and have discussions with locals.

  • The UK has several heritage sites to visit such as Bath, Bristol, Cambridge, Canterbury, Dover, Lincoln, Liverpool, Nottingham and Portsmouth. Fly now ✈️ 

  • Anywhere you go in Greece, it seems impossible not to be aware of its ancient civilization, as you can still see traces of Pre-historic and Archaic periods, with Byzantine, Medieval, Hellenistic and Classical monuments, museums, and archeological sites. Fly now ✈️

  • Japan has a variety of items and destinations to learn about its culture, such as authentic tea ceremonies in selected hotels in Tokyo and ikebana in several ikebana schools in Tokyo and Kyoto. Go for a (Shinto) temple stay in Mount Koya; Zazen (sitting meditation) in Taizo-in Temple (Kyoto), Tosho-j Temple (Tokyo) and Eihei-ji Temple (Fukui). There are several monuments, castles, gardens and memorials around Japan that would enrich your knowledge.
    Fly now ✈️

  • Scotland has ancient stone circles, artifacts from the Bronze, Iron and Stone ages, with Glasgow and Edinburgh declared as sites for cultural tourism, with destinations such as Edinburgh Castle, Palace of Holyroodhouse, Burrell Collection, Glasgow Cathedral and fine examples of Gothic and Victorian architecture around Glasgow. Fly now ✈️

  • In the state of Washington in the U.S. are various heritage destinations, such as the Lewis and Clark Trail State Park, the Pioneer Highway, Yakama Nation Museum & Cultural Heritage Center and Pike Place Market in Seattle.
    Fly now ✈️



This type of personality always want to celebrate, join a party and socialize to the max. They are fun, outgoing and it’s almost always a guarantee that they’ll have a good time. Dancing all night, hanging out with old and new friends and meeting people is what they find the most enjoyable in the destinations they choose, thus they seek out party-inducing places.

  • For some serious yet legal partying, Mexico is a favourite destination of young folks. There are several party venues in Mexico, such as the Fat Tuesday Club in Cancun, the official MTV site during Spring Break. Señor Frog’s in Puerto Vallarta is a party place day and night, with an open bar, a bikini contest and a foam party on Tuedays. Over at neighbouring Collage, there’s a foam party on Tuesdays as well, but open bar is held almost every day. However, servers here expect to be given a $6 tip per person before you get served. Live performers, from break dancers to fire jugglers keep the party atmosphere heated up. Fly  now ✈️

  • The Greek Islands are well-known as party places as well. Mykonos rivals the rave atmosphere of Ibiza’s nightlife. Bars offering endless fun are found in the villages of Parikia and Naoussa in Paros, just like the party venues in Faraliki and Rhodes Old Town. Corfu has several venues, too, like Old Town, Acharavi, Dassia, Sidari and Kavos.
    Fly  now ✈️

  • Germany is a stickler for order, yet they do know how to let their hair down. Berlin is home to German electronica while Hamburg has the Reeperbahn and Leipzig has the Drallwatsch District. Freiburg has bars within walking distance of each other and there are some snooty bars in Munich while Dusseldorf, Heidelberg has more friendly bars in their old towns. Fly  now ✈️

  • There’s almost no doubt that there are various places in the United States that turn into great and rousing party places after dark. It’s too many to enumerate, but you can check out the favourite hangouts in Las Vegas, (of course, as it’s the entertainment capital of the world), New York City, Miami Beach, New Orleans, Los Angeles (Hollywood crowd), Chicago, Austin, San Francisco, Key West, San Diego, Nashville, Atlantic City, Washington, D.C. and Boston. Each place has a distinct party atmosphere so you have plenty of options on where to go. Fly  now ✈️

  • Like other countries, Spain has several party destinations, but the top 5 are Marbella’s Port Banus, Puerto Pesquero, Nikki Beach, Seville’s Triana District and Madrid’s Chueca barrio and Malasaña District. If you’re in Barcelona, check out the venues at La Rambla. Gothic Quarter, El Born and El Raval. And the numero uno party spot in Spain is none other than Ibiza!  Fly  now ✈️ 



Temples, churches, mosques and other places of worship are the things that appeal to spiritual travellers. They want to experience more about the origin of different religions outside of what’s written in books. They want to see for themselves the beauty and grandeur of these shrines that honour saints, gods, goddesses and spiritual leaders.

  • In Bali, receive therapeutic healing from balians (Balinese traditional healers); fill your tummies with organic and fresh food in Ubud, Sanur and Denpasar; learn yoga in several places in Ubud and in Amed and get sound healing at Yoga Barn and Light Spirit, both located in Ubud. Fly  now ✈️

  • Around the spiritual country of India, do not miss the Hindu sacred site of Varanasi; the Hindu pilgrimage site of Haridwar or Rishikesh, where yoga was born; the sacred city for the Sikhs – Amritsar or the Buddhist pilgrimage place, Bodhgaya. Fly  now ✈️

  • Find peace while visiting Myanmar’s sacred sites, including Bagan, Mandalay, Bago and the Shwedagon Pagoda in Rangoon. Fly  now ✈️

  • For Sri Lanka, your choices include Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy. Fly  now ✈️

  • In Tibet you can stay in one place and have several spiritual adventures. Lhasa has the Drepung Monastery up in the mountain, which is home to 700 monks. There’s also Tibetan Buddhism’s holiest place, the Jokhang Temple while the Potola Palace, which used to be the main residence of the Dalai Lama, is now a state-run museum. Fly  now ✈️ 

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