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October 2015
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Oct 2015

If you’re dreaming of balmy days lazing or swimming in sapphire blue waters in the Mediterranean, you’ve got a very good place to go to – Croatia. Nestled between Central Europe and the Balkans, Croatia had been tossed around by competing republics, empires and kingdoms for thousands of years, and while it was devastating for the people and the entire country, those time did leave something behind, a cultural legacy so rich that it had now made Croatia a marvellous travel destination. Croatia has created its own niche, inviting travellers from around the world to its numerous and gorgeous camping grounds that allow visitors to fully savour life in the outdoors with the sky, land and sea for company. It’s said that Croatia is the number one camping destination in Europe, given that it’s got plenty of bays, peninsulas, islets and islands that provide diverse, idyllic and stunning landscapes. With most of the camping grounds privately owned, campers could expect superb facilities including mobile homes, rental villas, apartments and bungalows, to make each and every camper’s stay as pleasant and as memorable as can be.


  • Best Time To Travel There

Croatia is blessed with favourable climate suitable for visitors any time of the year. Since most of the camp sites are along the Adriatic coast, the Mediterranean climate provides the area with humid and mild winters, hot and dry summers and several days of sunshine. In January, the temperature is about 6.1°C to 11.1°C (43°F to 52°F) on the average, whereas in August, it could be around 21.1°C to 27.2°C (70°F to 81°F). Like most destinations, summer is the peak travel season. Thus high season in Croatia is from June to September, but if you want less crowd and enjoy the cool weather, then visit during the low season from January to March. Good rates, less crowd and more space to move around could be had during the shoulder season, which falls from October to December and again from April to May.

best time to travel

  • Camp Grebisce, Jelsa, Hvar

This campsite overlooks Grebišće Beach and is located on the northern shore of Hvar. It’s a small campsite, large enough for 300 campers. Although not all areas are shaded, the entire location has plenty of orange, mandarin and pine trees, as well as olive groves, which, blended with the cool sea breeze, make the place pleasantly and freshly scented. There are two beaches where sun lovers can perfect their tan. The beaches are sandy and shallow so it is safe for swimming, paddling and other water sports. A campsite café and a restaurant take care of hungry tummies and free Wi-Fi keeps campers in touch with the outside world. Cars, boats, kayaks, bikes, water bikes, pedal boats are available for rent. One thing that’s great about this campsite is the food, mostly Dalmatian specialties, served with a selection of endemic wines. Camp Grebišće is open from the first of May until the end of October.


  • Camping Jasenovo, Zaboric – Jasenovo

Fifteen kilometres southeast of Šibenik is the small coastal village of Žaborić where the camping site of Jasenovo is located. The pebble beach is accessed through a slope shaded by pines, with neatly-trimmed hedges and well-cared for Mediterranean plants. It has electricity and upgraded sanitary facilities for dishwashing and laundry and separate toilets for men and women, each installed with three shower facilities. A café-bar by the beach, which incidentally serves very good ice cream, offers opportunities to watch the sun go down. The entire camping area is fenced and playground facilities are provided for children. This camp is only open from the first of May until the first of October.

  • Camping in Runke


Camp Runke has an ideal location, being close to a captivating fishing village and a verdant pinewood forest. The camping site is intimately small that’s only large enough for about 750 guests. It’s only four hectares in size, situated on Istria’s southernmost point, giving campers the perfect location to admire the awesome views of Medulin Bay while sunbathing. A small port is just right for boat lovers, and the site is close to Cape Kamenjak, and offers biking and jogging trails. It’s shady and cool and serviced by a supermarket, bar and restaurant. Beaches are pebbly and rocky with several coves.

  • Camping on Krk Island, Croatia

Camping on Krk Island, Croatia

This is a new campsite that’s family-friendly and located in a secluded area of Krk Island, just about 1.5 kilometres from the town centre. Although new, this campsite’s already multi-awarded, and provides deluxe mobile homes and sanitary facilities for 1,300 guests. The stone beach in this campsite is 800 metres long. There are a handful of promenades and jogging and cycling trails. Modern facilities are available, complete with bars and restaurants, supermarket, table tennis, mini-golf courses for kids and adults, tennis courts and massage facilities. Free Wi-Fi is also available. Biking and walking offer many opportunities to explore and discover nearby areas, including the historic centre of town and the island’s olive groves.

  • Njivice Croatia Camping


Campsite Njivice is on Krk Island, located in a locale of the same name. It’s large enough to hold 2,000 visitors. It’s located in the heart of a holly oak woodland, with stone beach for sunbathing, children’s playground and a mini-market. The area celebrates a fishing festival during the summer, among others. Night life is offered at Malinska. The beaches here are pebbly and sandy. The campground is peaceful and quiet, a great place to relax and allow nature to heal your tired body.

  • Medulin Camping

Medulin camping

Campsites in Medulin are ideal for those coming with children as there are safe activities suitable for them, including fishing with the local fisherman. The area is set amid lush vegetation and close to beaches that provide easy access to the sea. Medulin can handle about 3,300 guests, with camping grounds of varied sizes, complemented by several food joints, access for persons with disabilities, a supermarket, currency exchange shop and places to shower and wash dishes. Jogging and walking trails, bike lanes, organized activities, fitness and sports activities, even recreational competitions are available.

Camping Tips and Tricks

Camping in Croatia generally will not present a problem since most of the campsites are privately owned and have modern facilities and amenities and will only accept campers when the time is right. However there are still things that you have to do on your end to ensure that you will have little or no problems at all while camping.


  • Read up on where you are going

One of the first things you have to do is to learn as much as you can about the campsite you’ll be going to. Find the campsite’s website, look for brochures and information online. You have to know about its amenities and facilities, how to get there, emergency facilities, how big the camping ground is, if there will be problems with bugs and if there are stores, shops and restaurants nearby.

Even if you are going during the best time of the year, it is still practical to check the weather forecasts ahead of time. You might not have a problem with organized campsites, but if you are in the wilderness, things could get tough during a sudden downpour. Make sure you have tarps and plastic sheets to keep things dry should an errant rainfall occurs.

Make sure that you have printed information, such as your reservation and directions to the site. There might be cases where you’ll lose mobile phone reception, so it is best to check communication facilities and issues ahead of time as well.


  • Trying your equipment out before you leave home

It is a very good idea to try out your camping equipment first at home before your planned trip. Get your tent and check it out. Ensure that all the parts are in good condition and all there. If this is your first time, it would be wise to know how to assemble your tent and see to it that it will provide you with ample protection against the elements. Consider waterproofing your tent as well. There are waterproof sprays that you can buy. A groundsheet would also protect your tent floor, so consider getting one.


  • Do not underestimate the importance of lighting

Aside from the tent, check out your camp lights and your camp stove to make sure they all work perfectly well. Ensure that you have an ample supply of new batteries for your lights and enough fuel for your stove. A campsite could get very dark at night so it is crucial that you think about lighting. Look for LED lanterns, LED headlight and even LED strings, which are great for lighting paths to the toilets and keeping your camping spot well lit. Hooks and ropes will help secure lanterns to trees and posts, so your hands will be free to carry other stuff.

If everything checks out, then you are ready to have another great adventure.

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