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September 2015
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Sep 2015

Eat Like The Locals: A Foodie Guide to Frankfurt


Frankfurt is an old imperial city situated on the River Main. It is considered the gateway to Europe and is often overlooked by international tourists. However, for those who care to stop and explore the city, they find that Frankfurt has a very rich history and culture, offers plenty of amusement and dining options, and a great chance to discover one of its main products, the Frankfurter. The city is a study in contrasts with its medieval buildings and its modern skyscrapers.

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Frankfurt is like images from your favorite classic fairy tales, with its quaint buildings, squares and castles. Römerberg, the square right in the middle of the Old Town or Alstadt, look mighty wonderful when lit with warm light at night. The picturesque square is the location of several tourist attractions such as the Römer and its collection of 11 historical buildings. You’ll also find the St Nicholas Church and the Church of St Leonhard here, as well as the Historical Museum and the Ostzeile group of six buildings constructed in the traditional style. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was born in Frankfurt and his house had been turned into a museum. Also very interesting is the Senckenberg Gardens and Senckenberg Natural History Museum, the Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art, the Old Opera House (Alte Oper), the St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral and the Palm Garden.


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Any time of the year is a good time to visit the German city of Frankfurt. Of course in most tourist destinations, travel experts say that spring or summer are the best times. For Frankfurt, the best and also the peak season is summer, with the best period being between April and September. Still, it is worth considering the number of festivals and big events that the city hosts the entire year, which definitely increases the amount of people coming to Frankfurt. There’s the jazz festival in March, several trade fairs, Oktoberfest and the Christmas Market among others. Low season is from January to March while May to April and from mid-November until December are the shoulder seasons. However there are trade shows during these periods as well, so check the schedule before booking your flight.


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Today, Frankfurt is a centre of web traffic, tourism, education, culture and commerce. It is widely known to host huge trade fairs such as the Messe Frankfurt, the Frankfurt Motor Show and the Frankfurt Book Fair. It is home to the Frankfurt Airport, which is one of the world’s busiest airports and the largest single employer in all of Germany, providing jobs to a staff of 71,500. The airport is the primary hub of Germany’s flag carrier, Lufthansa. Three of the four largest professional services and international accountancy companies – Ernst & Young, KMPG and PricewaterhouseCoopers are present in Frankfurt.

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The original Frankfurter sausage was born in Frankfurt, therefore it is but fitting that intrepid travellers should seek out the best places in which these famous Frankfurters and other German sausages are menu staples. Did you know that a Frankfurter (officially Frankfurter Würstchen) is a protected product and that only butchers in Frankfurt are allowed to use this term? Frankfurters have been made since the 13th century and were originally made with pork. They belong to the group of boiled sausages or Brühwurst that are encased in mutton intestine. Now let’s take a look at some of the best places in Frankfurt to have them.

  • Snack Point

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Snack Point, which is found on 37 Grüneburgweg, was established in 1970. It has become very popular for serving some of the hottest sausages in the city. It claims to be The Best Worscht in Frankfurt although there is another joint serving sausages that use the name. Nevertheless, the sausages at Snack Point range in hotness from one to six or A to F, therefore be sure to ask first before you order to avoid burning your mouth, your throat and your stomach. Snack Point is a fast-food outlet with a street vendor ambience. Only those that could handle a high degree of hotness starting from 3 or C should order sausages in this range, as these are already full of habanero peppers.

  • Würstchenbude

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Speaking of street food, you can definitely have a filling snack or even lunch from some of the street food vendors around touristy areas. While sightseeing around Alte Brücke, one of the city’s oldest bridges, you’ll chance upon several sausage stands or Würstchenbude, which serve a variety of great-tasting grilled sausages. Some of the best you could order are Bratwurst, a long and pale coloured smoky sausage or a Knackwurst, which is similar in appearance but shorter than the bratwurst. Recently the stands have added Currywurst, which are hotter than other sausages. There are several of these Würstchenbude around the city but you will regularly find some around Alte Brücke.

  • Meyer Delicatessen Frankfurt

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The Meyer Delicatessen has a 60-year history of being a butcher and specialist in homemade ready-to-eat products. The products they sell in their outlets are always freshly-made. Meyer has several sausage varieties that they make according to their own standards and recipes. It has outlets in Fressgass and in Sachsenhausen. The outlet in Fressgass serves fresh salads, homemade delicacies and different breads, desserts, fruits and Panini, complemented by local and imported champagnes and wines. Their menu offerings change regularly. The outlet in Sachsenhausen boasts of having about 1,500 varied products, from about a hundred gourmet salads, pastry, pasta, jams, sauces, homemade champagnes and wines, fine sausages and more. Even if you are just ordering sausages, you will be dining in style at Meyer Delicatessen.

  • Best Worscht in Town

in town

Rather than a claim, Best Worscht in Town is the actual name of this food outlet and is known for serving the finest and hottest sausages in Frankfurt. The level of hellish hotness or Schärfehölle is from A to F. Best Worscht in Town is located about 1.2 km to the northeast of Konstablerwache, a square in central Frankfurt am Main. They serve their hot sausages (you choose between pork and beef) with a special sauce and a side dish of French fries. To borrow from a famous fast-food serving chicken slogan, sausages served at the Best Worscht in Town, including their fries, are finger-lickin’ good.

  • Alten (Old) Limpurg

Alten (Old) Limpurg
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Alten Limpurg is a very old pub located in Römerberg, which had been in existence since 1495. It provides indoor and outdoor sitting, so on a good day you’ll have the chance to enjoy the breeze and people-watch while to savour some of the delicious sausages that Alten Limpurg serves. The pub has a warm and cosy atmosphere that is quite welcoming when the weather isn’t that great. Aside from the savoury sausages and green sauce, the pub also serves soups, breads, apple wine and other traditional German food. The place is quite small, but a very good spot to dine before continuing your sightseeing.


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