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August 2015
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Aug 2015

Ultimate Bucks And Hen Do Party Destinations


For a long time, it had been a tradition for a man who’s about to get married to have one last night of freedom, usually organized by the best man. But today there is also big business for soon-to-be brides to have their own night out before the wedding. The events before where nothing compared to what bucks and hens event planners, whether it’s conceived by the best man or the maid of honor or by party planners, which are usually sensual, adrenaline-pumping, exhilarating or relaxing experiences. Most of the activities for a hens and bucks party are held locally. But today the tradition had expanded, and more prospective grooms and brides travel abroad to celebrate, with party planners selling custom packages for hens and bucks parties in exotic and exciting locations around the globe. Let’s check out some of the more exciting destinations for hens and bucks parties in Europe, Asia and the United States.



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A hen weekend in Amsterdam could be very memorable as there are many activities to do in the city aside from coasting along the canals, taking bicycle rides to see the sights and having coffee from a lovely roadside café. Amsterdam is quite small so the sights are near each other and easy to reach on foot. For the bold and the brave, and for women who want to experience something really different, check out the Oude Kerk, an 800-year old church that stands magnificently right in the middle of the De Wallen, the red light district of Amsterdam. You have to see it to believe this incongruity. The city’s got some great bars, restaurants and historical and amusing sights such as the Sex Museum, the Amsterdam Dungeon and the house of Anne Frank. You can go on a Striptease workshop, join a Guided Bar Crawl and do what most women do, go shopping.


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In Barcelona are several restaurants that are considered as some of the best in the world. There are tapas bars, clubs that are open ’til late, cocktail lounges and bodegas. The city’s architecture is all picture worthy, as well as its galleries and museums and other sites such as Park Guell, the still unfinished Sagrada Familia and Magic Fountain of Montjuic. Of course, you could also try some salsa dancing, which is great fun. Afterwards you can get spa treatment or learn how to mix cocktails, go to the beach, do some pole dancing, shop at Las Ramblas, or see more of what Barcelona offers its many visitors. An evening in Barcelona could be as hectic or as calm as you want. You can sample the city’s vibrant nightlife, go dancing at roofless La Terrazza that is almost on top of a mountain or spend the evening sipping some delicious Spanish wines with your entourage.


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Out at the Balearic Islands in Spain is Ibiza, an exotic destination for a hen party. It is one big party place, with miles and miles of beaches with fine sand. A hen weekend in Ibiza could be very remarkable. The Old Town is quite quaint and worth a visit during the day. If you like exploring, there are many hidden caves right along the shore. See the city’s sights during the day and get ready to party when it gets dark. Experience why so many people want to visit Ibiza at least once in their lifetime, because it is truly an incredibly fun place. It is not called the world’s clubbing capital for nothing, mind you. Clubs such as Privilege and Pacha are quite famous for having the world’s best disc jockeys, and you’re likely to see American and British stars enjoying being MCs for the night. If this is too much for you, you might want to try Ibiza’s jazz club for some local music.


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If you are wondering where Magaluf is, it is a part of Majorca, Spain. Like Ibiza, this is a party place where most clubs, bars and pubs do not seem to close. While you are still geographically in Spain, siestas are unheard of at Magaluf. It is one big party the whole day this side of the Mediterranean. The weather in the city is almost always sunny, so get ready to hit the beach. Incidentally, you can also increase your knowledge, since Magaluf is teeming with rich culture and history as well, and all of them are within walking distance from each other. Bars to visit include Baywatch and Downunder.


Las Vegas

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Most men want to visit Las Vegas, a city that has become synonymous with parties before the wedding. Las Vegas offers plenty of activities for an entire bucks’ weekend. There are so many pool parties with girls and DJs galore during the day, as well as catching short visits to the city’s magnificent casinos and bars, the Mob Museum and the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area. There’s also plenty of adult entertainment if you like (hello, Sin City). You can organize a party of your own or have someone else do it for you. Whatever works for you and your mates, you will definitely have a great bucks party in Las Vegas, the world’s entertainment capital.


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Thailand is another great place for a bucks party, where plenty of outdoor adventures await. It’s also a party place, where people do Full Moon parties. There are plenty of coral reefs to explore and white sand beaches that are all too inviting to resist. If you can stay awake after partying the whole night, you might want to try not to bunk down until after you’ve seen a beautiful sunrise. Afterwards you can snooze to your heart’s content in an affordable but luxurious villa or hotel room. There’s a rifle range if you are into target practice. Close to Australia, Thailand is a great destination where almost everything is cheap. For a great nightlife, you can choose to go to Bangkok, where the food is also great or go to Phuket. For a more laid back pursuit, go to Krabi or Koh Phi Phi Ley and just chill out in one of the beaches there with some good company and plenty of ice-cold beer.


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There are so many places suitable for a bucks weekend in Mexico, although Cabo San Lucas is one of the more favourable and a crowd favourite. Cabo has several fantastic beaches where you can have a great time people watching, (errr, bikini watching), top-rated nightlife and luxury resorts. You could say that Cabo San Lucas is like paradise, where the sun is glorious, and you can always cool off by dipping into its surf and fill your tummies with some great beer and tacos. If you are an adventure-seeker, big-game fishing is excellent in Cabo San Lucas, with a variety of blue-water fish such as yellowfin tuna, mahi-mahi, Pacific sailfish and marlin.


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For bucks (and hens), Ibiza is a great choice for your last few days of being single. For one thing, it is located in the Mediterranean, which in itself is already a come-on. It is a party place, if you want to go all out on having fun before getting married. Yet the small island also offers fun activities without getting drunk such as surfing, sailing, parasailing and quad biking. There’s plenty of events going on in Ibiza and if you want to make the most of your bucks weekend there, be sure to check out where and when the large events are happening so you can book ahead. A day trip Puerto de San Miguel to explore the caves in Cova de Can Marçà is sure to excite.

For hens and bucks, check out these suggested places and see which one takes your fancy. In any one of these destinations, keep in mind that you are there for fun and/or relaxation, but do not forget your soon-to-be better half.

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