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July 2015
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Jul 2015

Top Ten Adventures You Need To Experience


Sometimes, just exploring a foreign country is not enough. For people who seek adventure that is more physical, it is a certainty that they’d look for activities that get their blood flowing and their adrenaline rushing. Well, even on regular tourist destinations, there are activities that would satisfy the seasoned thrill-seekers. It is just a matter of getting the right information and location. So without any more ado, here are ten of the most amazing adventures you can find to add to your list of thrilling places that could test your endurance and your desire to conquer and win.

Annapurna Circuit In Nepal
Annapurna circuit
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People who have done the circuit in Annapurna consider this one of the world’s best treks. It’s a horseshoe-shaped trek that could take between 17 to 21 days to finish, which will take you through four regions, encompassing Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist villages – Myagdi and Lamjung in the lower elevations and Mustang and Manang at the higher elevations. The circuit takes you to through several 8,000-metre high mountains, including Manaslu, Langtang Himal, Annapurna II and IV, Annapurna III, Gangapurna, Annapurna I and Dhaulagiri. The end of the trek brings you to Poon Hill where you take a view of the last two mountains you’ve just crossed.

The Camino De Santiago, Spain
Way of St
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The traditional Pilgrimage road allows you to take it leisurely, giving you time to reflect as you establish your own rhythm. Still you have to be physically and mentally fit to undertake this epic journey. The 790km-long walk is not a scenic tour nor is it a walk in the wilderness. But the Camino de Santiago will take you through mountains, open plains, forests, woodlands, fields and even farmlands as well as through modern cities and towns. The most common starting point is at Roncesvalles if you are in Spain or at St Jean Pied de Port if you are coming from France. The goal is to reach Santiago de Compostela in Spain. For those who want to try the trek, you can start at the major starting points from the bigger cities. It will take about 28 days to Santiago de Compostela if you start from Pamplona. The rest of the starting points will give you fewer days, i.e., from Logroño (25 days), from Burgos (20 days), from Leon (12 to 14 days), and from Ponferrada (8 to 9 days). The shortest is from Sarria, from where it will only take between four to five days to reach Santiago de Compostela.

Canopy Adventure In Thailand
Canopy adventure in Thailand
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For travellers who like speed and hurtling through the air like a bird, Thailand offers plenty of exhilarating canopy adventure, giving you options to travel as fast as 50 miles an hour above rain forests in different parts of Thailand. Go from tree to tree like a bird or a monkey and see the views from above. Even someone without any experience can try the canopy adventure, as long as you have the guts to zip through very long lines suspended way up high. After a 20-minute training, you’ll be issued safety gear: helmet, thick gloves and safety harness. You’ll be taught how to properly glide along the zip line and how to land and take off safely from platform to platform. It’s not just tree top canopies you can see. Depending on the location, you could go over rain forests, over waterfalls and inland beaches. Some of the zip lines could be 2,000 metres long. The longest zip line in Thailand is in Pattaya, with 23 platforms, 16 cables and 3,200 meters of cable lines.

America’s Wild West
America's Wild West
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The American Wild West adventure takes you through some of the most incredible activities and sights in Utah and Arizona – from nature-carved canyons, to lakes and deserts. It could take you to national parks and spend days touring, jet skiing, mountain biking, white-water rafting, abseiling and sleeping in a tent or tepee under the stars. There are several companies that offer an American Wild West adventure, with different packages and adventure inclusions. You can follow Jesse James’ footsteps, or trace the escape route of Butch Cassidy aboard a light aircraft. How about a rodeo night in Cody, Wyoming or sign up for a Texas or Arizona ranch holiday and experience fishing, horseback riding, cattle branding and cattle round-ups. Other adventures include a cattle drive in Montana, a horse round-up in Idaho, or a tour of Navajo Nation.

New Zealand On The Rocks
New Zealand on the rocks
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New Zealand is known far and wide for its beautiful, unspoilt and rugged landscape. Rock climbing is fast becoming one of the newest attractions in New Zealand. Christchurch in south Island offers plenty of mountain peaks to climb. All of them are challenging and most of them lead you down to some of the most beautiful sceneries you’ll ever see. Add the almost-perfect weather, clean and unpolluted air and fantastic views from the mountain peaks and you’ll definitely be hooked. But for safety reasons, it is best to go rock climbing with an experienced guide. Voted as the best rock climbing site in NZ is Wharepapa in North Island, which has 796 climbs. Canterbury in South Island has the most climbs at 865. There are eight other places where you can have a great time flexing your muscles – Nelson and Westland (490) and Otago (430) in South Island and Taupo (225), Northland (184), Wellington (170), Auckland (80), Waikato (64) and Bay of Plenty (51) in North Island.

Adrenalin Sports In Tasmania
Adrenalin Sports in Tasmania
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The remote island of Tasmania is spectacularly beautiful. It is both serene and rugged and presents many challenges to adventure-seekers. The island offers bushwalking, surfing, canyoning, rock climbing as well as abseiling – activities that will definitely give you a massive adrenalin fix. A package tour includes a guided trek around the island of Bruny for three days, with a boat trip under cliffs that soar for some 1,000 feet, a walk through a rainforest and visits to the island’s surfing beaches. Afterwards you visit Cradle Mountain where you can spend the time canyoning, rock climbing and abseiling. For another two days you’ll try to spot the indigenous Tasmanian devils in their remote habitat.

Canyoning – Zion National Park – USA
Canyoneering – Zion National Park
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Canyoning at Zion National Park in Utah is very much adrenaline-charged. You will definitely have an intense physical workout at this place, provided you are fully prepared for the challenge. The park is known for its slot canyons, which is another term for the narrow and deep twisted gorges that are found all over the park. In some areas, you are only required to walk along streams that are only ankle-deep. But in some routes, the going could get rough, because you will then be required to climb over rocks, raft or swim and in some areas, you need to abseil down waterfalls and sharply inclined pitches. More often than not, canyon climbers normally start from the top and make their way down to the wider parts of the canyon where they will have an easier time to finish the route by walking.

Running With The Bulls – Pamplona – Spain
Running with the Bulls – Pamplona – Spain
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Running with the bulls in Pamplona gives you a myriad of feelings. While you can have a lot of fun with this adventure, always keep in mind that this is a dangerous event and things could go wrong in an instant. This mid-July event usually takes place in the morning, after the traditional prayers and religious chanting. Twelve bulls will later be released and depending on the bulls’ mood, they could either chase the crowd for one kilometre straight toward the bullring or they can deviate from the course and chase people through other streets. Running with the bulls is the highlight of the annual activities for the celebration of the San Fermin fiesta.

Diving Safari, Borneo
borneo, ski safarai
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When it has been described as one of the most physically stunning places on Earth you can expect nothing less than pristine and lush rainforests teeming with exotic wildlife, a tropical paradise of soft sand and crystal-clear waters together with world-class resorts and facilities. See for yourself – you won’t be disappointed. It has regularly been voted as one of the world’s top 10 dive sites. As well as its legendary turtles, it is famous for its wall diving, with reefs dropping off thousands of feet very close to the shore. If you’re looking for a memorable diving holiday on the equatorial islands of Sipadan, Layang Layang or Lankayan, where English is very widely spoken then Malaysia is bound to have something for you. Just budget plenty of spare time – there are so many outstanding opportunities on offer for diving in Borneo!

Climb One Of The World’s Seven Summits
mount everest
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Mountain climbing poses so many risks. The weather on top of the mountain could change within seconds. The low level of oxygen could tax your lungs and your heart and medical help is not readily available. Still, many people find it exciting to conquer mountains, even if they are low ones. There are seven summits around the world including Mount Everest, which present a big challenge to adventure seekers. The next-highest mountain to Mount Everest is Aconcagua, in Argentina (22,841 ft), followed by Mount McKinley or Dinali in Alaska (20,320 ft). Next to them is Mount Kiliminjaro in Tanzania, Africa (19,340 ft), Russia’s Mount Elbrus (18,540 ft), the Vinson Massif in Chile (16,050 ft) and Indonesia’s Carstensz Pyramid (16,024 ft).

There you have it. Ten choices of great adventures you can do overseas to satisfy your craving for something different and more memorable. In any one of these, the more important thing are physical fitness, mental preparedness and toughness, lots of free time, and of course, plenty of cash to spare.

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