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March 2015
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Mar 2015

8 Ways To Work Your Way Around The World


Are you always dreaming of travelling to exciting places? Do you want to make the world your oyster, to borrow from an often-used saying? There are actually some things that you could do to see the world without leaving the workforce. You do not even have to empty out your bank account, but instead add to it while you travel. You just need to have the right set of skills and you could be on your way to an exciting career path that would take you to different locations while you work. If you are excited, here are some jobs you could consider.

Flight attendant

flight attendant
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If you want long layovers for you to explore exotic locations, you should apply as a flight attendant to a major airline that serve long haul destinations because short haul staff do not have that many chances to leave the airport when they land. You not only will have the opportunity to spend some days in Hong Kong or enjoy the beaches in Thailand and other destinations, but you also receive several travel benefits. Some of these extend to your family members, giving them the chance to fly to exciting destinations at rates that are greatly reduced. So, what are the requirements for this exciting job? Important skills include the ability to swim 25 metres, fluency in the English language and great experience in customer service. Airlines regularly run their own advertisement for crew members. The good thing is you do not need to have a specialised degree for the job. However, to further your career it would be good to receive training, and as an Australian you could aim to receive the Certificate II in Aviation or the more advanced Certificate II in Aviation with international English language proficiency.

Cruise ship crew

cruise ship
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If you love the water and enjoy long cruises, explore the possibility of getting employed as a crew member of a luxury cruiser that sail to some of the most exciting destinations around the world. There are always vacancies for cleaners and cooks, beauty therapists, fitness instructors, life guards, musicians, swim instructors, nurses, doctors, engineers, and nursery staff. Main requirements to be a cruise ship crew include an extensive experience in hospitality and customer service, as well as some recognized qualifications and of course, a valid passport. Some of the jobs available might not be that glamourous but you get the see the world, get free room and board (be prepared to share the room) and save as much as you can. You have to realize though that the pay might not be that great, but the perks surely will make up for it.

You can find job openings for this type of work from any of the recruitment agencies as well as visiting the websites of large cruise liners directly.


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If photography is your passion, consider becoming a travel and landscape photographer, a photojournalist or a destination wedding photographer. You could also join a cruise liner and be one of their staff photographers, which would ensure you that you will have a steady income for the duration of the cruise or until your contract expires, which could be renewed, by the way. Being a photographer do entail some risks as you have to travel to so many places, meet various types of people and domestic situations. Therefore it is a matter of choosing which category you want to work on and what type of remuneration you are comfortable with. There are jobs were you will be paid a regular salary and there are jobs that will allow you to receive a handsome commission for your approved projects. Requirements for this type of travel-while-you-work appointment are a degree in photography, demonstrable talent, a good eye, willingness to travel and ownership of high-quality cameras. If you want to be on the safe side and still enjoy the perks of travelling to great locations, consider being a destination wedding photographer. Of course you have to build a great portfolio for this kind of work, but you already know that it is your other passport to see great places.

Tour leader

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You can see the world by becoming a tour leader. Much of the skills needed for this job are practical. You must have a lot of experience travelling, possess strong skills as a leader and must have plenty of patience and enthusiasm. Aside from these practical skills, it is beneficial to have mastered one or two foreign languages, a PCV or passenger-carrying vehicle licence, a degree in art history or geography, knowledge of first aid and some mechanical skills. You should also demonstrate that you have a can-do and very positive attitude for your support team and your boss would not be with you. Also, a tour leader should be on call 24/7. It is also to your advantage if you’ve taken a trip run by a company that you intend to join. Job vacancies for tour leaders or tour guides are often posted on company websites.

There are many possibilities here as well, if you have enough knowledge of specific destinations and you are passionate about sharing your knowledge and discovering new places as well. While it is not a necessity, consider getting some training and certification as a tour guide.

Humanitarian work

humanitarium work
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If you have the right professional skills and you love to help others and travel to new places, humanitarian work could be an option for you. International aid agencies are always in need of people suitably qualified to handle operations in disaster-hit or developing countries. This is not glamourous work, by the way, because the assignments are usually in rural areas where conditions could be the most basic. If you have medical staff training, or you are an HR professional, financial controller, biomedical scientist, pharmacist, nutritionist or logician, try joining the Médecins Sans Frontières. You might also explore the possibility of joining the Peace Corps as a volunteer. Understand that the pay would not be high but you do get a small allowance, but the return for your hard work could be much more than the money you will ever receive. You get to see the world and get the chance to make a difference in other people’s lives at the same time. A Peace Corps volunteer usually has to spend two years in a foreign community where you would be working to advance agricultural and economic development, health care and education. In return, the Peace Corps provide volunteers with student loan deferment, health benefits, a small allowance and housing.

Web development

web developmnt
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If you are an experienced web developer, likes to work freelance and enjoys living in different places, consider being a digital nomad, a word that is becoming highly popular these days. This means that you are able to travel and live while still working steadily. As long as the work could be done online and you have access to a pretty fast and stable Internet connection, then you are set to enjoy this type of work. Of course, you still need to have a good portfolio to convince clients that you could actually do a very good job of creating a website for them. The first thing is to have your own website and find a roster of clients so you can afford to live anywhere you please. The thing is to score clients from developed countries and get paid in your home currency, so you could save a lot as you live and work while touring developing regions and countries where living conditions are cheaper. But do not forget to keep abreast of the latest technologies and advancement in web design and development, as this is crucial in convincing clients to hire you.

International chef

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Like an artist, being a chef gives you chances to travel the world, but it would be best if you have hurdled the challenge of becoming a top chef, which will allow you to go places and get paid handsomely. As long as you have the skills and the credentials, a chef does not need to stay in one location for a long time, as there are plenty of opportunities to seek temporary and short-term chef jobs anywhere in the world. What matters the most outside of your chef training, is the experience you gain to be able to cook different types of cuisine. If you want to learn various cooking styles as well as traditional foods in different countries, try to find a temporary job that would last only a few months and would not require you to extend your visa. If you want a career when you can turn food into art, consider finding work on a cruise ship. If you have gained enough experience coming up with hearty dishes suitable for winter weather and a variety of light summer dishes, see vacancies in resorts in foreign lands.

Whatever job you want to choose that will allow you to earn while you travel, make sure that you first gain the right skills, experience, training and qualification before you embark on it. Always remember that in reality, money could be the most pressing problem you have to face, and the challenge is for you to find a steady income that would allow you to travel, live comfortably and save for your future.

Graphic designer

graphic designer
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Being a highly-skilled and very creative graphic designer needs extensive training, which does not only involve knowledge of digital tools to manipulate and create graphic art. But if you are in that stage where you have already built a nice portfolio, have built a strong client base, has the ability to find new clients without networking and you have proven that you can create value without being present with your client physically, then you have the chance to go freelance. Travelling could actually be very advantageous for you because a graphic designer continually seeks new ideas, perspectives and different ways of looking at things. Encountering and seeing new cultures would then be of great help to your career, since you can derive fresh inspiration for your work and understand how different cultures respond to colours, designs and techniques, even typography.

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