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March 2015
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Mar 2015

What $30 Gets You Around The World

what 30 can get you around the world

Do you want to travel more but think it’s expensive? Would you like to find a way to make travel more affordable? Time and time again we push our desire to travel deep down somewhere between “I should of” and “What if”. Travelling is expensive, but you don’t need a million dollars to do so. So what can you get for $30 these days? Quite a bit. When you are travelling an extra $30 dollars can go a long way. It could range from four nights’ accommodation in Bali to more than three cocktails in a fun bar in London or a three-course meal for two people in Paris.

Let’s see what $30 can get you around the world, some of the results may surprise you.

Flights to Bali 

It has always been known as a top tourist destination for its natural beauty and its many attractions. It has a very laid-back atmosphere and a typically idyllic setting for a romantic getaway. You can almost have everything in Bali. You have the sun, surf and world-class luxuries amid verdant forests, mountains, beaches and resorts. Bali has plenty of options to suit every taste and budget.

Accommodation – With good deals throughout the year, $30 can get you as much as two nights’ accommodation for two people at a budget hotel in Kuta or a night at a cheap but cheerful establishment in Seminyak.

Food – You can get six meals at a local food stall for under $30 – for instance, a nasi campur with rice and about five selections will cost between $2- $5; a meal at a mid-range restaurant will set you back about $10 or a meal (main and entree) at a high end restaurant like Sarong will cost about $30.

Cocktail – At about $6 – $8 for cocktails, $30 can get you three to four cocktails – and more if you go during happy hours at various establishments.

Beer – Depending on where you get it from, you can get 10 to 15 bottles of Bintang beer, or more if you buy it from the local supermarkets.

Transport – An average 10 – 15 minute cab ride costs about $2, so $30 will cover up to 15 cab rides.

London  london
Flights to London 

The City of London is huge megalopolis that is very vibrant, multicultural and very noisy. London has some of the great museums and art galleries in the world, more than 300 venues for the performing arts, over 6,000 restaurants, 65 of which are Michelin-starred and four World Heritage Sites, including the Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey. The Palace of Westminster is the other name of the Houses of Parliament and is the largest palace in England. It has eight bars and six restaurants. The prices here are kept cheap, so you can indulge.

Accommodation – You can get one nights’ accommodation at a budget hotel – for instance, the Travelodge chain has 15 hotels around the city centre a double room can start from just £29 ($53) a night.

Food –You can get a set meal from £9.50 at Wong Kei (legendary Cantonese restaurant famed for its rude service) so $30 can get you a meal for two there (and they have unlimited free tea), or a meal for two at Hummus Bros in London

Cocktail –If you know where to go, cocktails cost about £5 (or $9) – for instance, in Market House, and a popular Brixton drinking hole. They cost £5 ($9) in Shutterbug and cocktails range from £5.25 to £7 ($9.50 to $12.70) in Freuds, Soho

Beer – A pint of beer is around £3.5 to £4.5 (AU $6 -8), and look out for many happy hour specials which are often great value.

Transport –, £9 (AU$16) can get you all day unlimited tube and bus rides around the city centre. Alternatively, £10 (AU$18) will get you unlimited 30 minute bike rides on Boris bikes in London over 7 days.


Flights to Paris

Paris has been called The City of Lights, not because of the lights at the Eiffel Tower or the city’s streetlights. It’s because of the number of intellectuals in the city in the past up to the present, which includes academics, artists and writers. Paris is a large city that is divided into 20 districts in a spiral, starting in front of the Notre Dame. Paris is a pleasure to explore on foot, as you will reach most of the wonderful sites along the way. Explore the mystery and ancient history of Paris

Accommodation – You’d expect accommodation in one of the most romantic cities in the world to be costly, but you can find double rooms from as little as AU$77 dollars a night (for instance, the Port Royal Hotel in the Latin Quarter)– which is just over AU$30 per person if you are sharing with someone else!

Food – Look around the neighbourhoods and you will find great simple fare from AU$7- 15 for lunch.  Most cafes have a set menu of the day – a three course meal for around AU$13 – 23.

Cocktail – A standard cocktail in Paris can cost around $14

Beer – If you know where to go, for instance, in Oberkampf or Canal Saint Martin, a pint of beer can cost about $6. Prices go up after 8pm. (Our tip is to drink wine in Paris – you can find a surprisingly good selection at a local shop from AU$4 to AU$15)

Transport – A taxi ride in the city centre (about 3 km) will cost about AU$10-15 and an all-day metro pass for the city centre is about AU$9.50

Los Angeles

los angeles
Flights to Los Angeles 

Los Angeles, City of Angela or simply LA, is home to 18 million diverse peoples speaking over 100 languages in ethnic enclaves across the city. Famous for its warm dry climate, culture and creativity, as well as the birthplace of the movie industry, Los Angeles has been attracting fortune and fun seekers for more than a century. Tourism is a major earner, with millions of visitors a year coming to see Disney Land, Universal Studios, the Hollywood district, Rodeo Drive and the adjacent beach areas.

Accommodation – You can find rooms at hostels in LA from AU$30 a night (the Banana Bungalo in West Hollywood is a popular spot) and rooms in budget hotels from as little as AU$60 per night

Food – America is certainly the land of choice and you can get fast food meals from under five dollars and a wide range of decent eating places with generously sized meals – just remember to add the tip! A double cheese burger at In-N-Out burger costs AU$3.50 and a and a 9 inch chilli dog from Hollywood’s Pinks is AU$4.75

Cocktail – The average price for a cocktail is AU$13 – but beware, the cocktails here are generally much more potent than those served in Australia.

Beer – There are often great specials around, and many places have happy hours, and beer can cost between AU$3.50 to AU$6.50 a serve

Transport – In LA, it is best to rent a car and you can find car rental deals for AU$35/day for a three day hire. Or a hire a cruiser for a day for  about $35 and ride along the beach from Malibu down to Manhattan Beach for the day.


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