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February 2015
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Feb 2015

Affordable Valentine’s Day Travel Ideas


Despite what other people say, there are still millions of people around the world who love and enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day. The manner of celebration varies. There are those who go for a simple yet romantic candle-lit dinners, while others prepare to celebrate the day in a grand and lavish scale. Chocolates and flowers are enough for some people, as well. Others go for the wacky and funny and others schedule a short trip to a place that is a perfect setting for romance. A Valentine’s Day trip need not be that expensive and there are several places near Australia where one can enjoy the sun, sea and surf as well as fantastic sights, warm receptions and plenty of activities for couples to enjoy.

Plan you trip wisely and have a great time with whoever you are with since Valentine’s Day is for people who are in love, with people and with life. There are budget priced flight tickets you can avail of easily online, which allows you to choose the date, time and carrier in one go. It you have no idea of where to spend the day with your special someone, take a look at our suggestions below and book your flight early.

Flights to Phuket

Phuket is the biggest island of Thailand and is connected to the province of Phang Nga by a bridge on its northern point. While the whole island has plenty of things to offer every type of visitor, there are also places that stand out, such as Phang Nga Bay, which became more popular for the towering limestone karsts that stand perpendicular to the emerald green water of the bay. During the day it is a major draw as there are some that could still be approached, with caves and Buddha statues and for swimming, snorkeling, diving and other water sports.

Flights to Phuket

However, the bay is also one of the best places to be in late in the afternoon to catch the beautiful sunset aboard a Chinese junk. The sunset tour gives you a chance to enjoy nature at its best, with the beauty of the naturally changing colours around you as the sun goes down, the dark silhouettes of the rocks near you and the still-bright formations further afield. The tour is not a luxurious one, but you will still enjoy good food and wine, the company of a few other passengers. Romantic music is a bonus, and there’s nothing more wonderful than to be with your loved one as you silently watch the moon rise and the stars come out. The water turns dark, the sea is calm with a gentle breeze caressing your face… your arms… your hair. It’s sheer bliss.

Flights to Fiji 

Fiji is about four hours away from Australia on a nonstop flight. It is well-known for its white sand beaches, almost-perfect natural environment and soft coral diving and a favorite destination for weddings and honeymoons. There are several islands that are popular to tourists, including Denarau Island from where you can easily go to Beachcomber Island aboard a catamaran. The small private resort island is truly perfect for couples who want a very carefree way to enjoy each moment of togetherness. Visitors are welcomed by a performance from a Polynesian dance group. Each day in Beachcomber Island is like Friday, so you are free to let your hair down and do what you want to do. You can do the things most beachcombers like to do – swim, snorkel, dive or just walk barefoot along the pristine white sand on the beach that rings the island in the afternoon, feed the fish as the sun goes down or simply watch the stunning sunset.

If you like to be around other people, Beachcomber Island sure is a good place to choose. It is known as a Fiji’s Party Island, and hosts several feasts, live music a wide variety of water sports and more after sunset.

Flights to Fiji 

Accommodation varies to suit your budget and style. You can go for a private bure along the beach or one that is nestled among the trees. You can tan yourself swinging on a hammock or simply lie down on the sand. There are enough palm trees to sit under if you can no longer stand the scorching rays of the sun. Like most tropical island resorts, you can feast on local cuisine or have a BBQ, Chinese or Italian food. There’s even Sunday roast. All three meals are served buffet style and included in the price of the room.

Flights to Hawaii

Hawaii has long been the ideal destination for people with romance in mind and celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner on any of its island is a memory that will last for a long time. Oahu is one of Hawaii’s major islands where romance is omnipresent. It is like time stops in the island and you get caught in the time warp of romantic and idyllic interludes all the time. The lure of Waikiki is something that you cannot escape, whether you are here for a holiday to celebrate Valentine’s Day or planning to stage an engagement surprise, a wedding proposal, renewing your vows, a honeymoon or simply some time off to have some precious moments of togetherness amid people in the same mindset as you. Oahu presents so many ideas for a romantic getaway and it is up to you to plan your itinerary carefully.

Flights to Hawaii

There are plenty of romantic things you can do together in Oahu. You can learn to say Aloha au ia ‘oe (I love you), E hoomau maua Kealoha (May our love last forever), or E ku’u aloha (My love). Set up recliners on the beach and watch the last rays of a setting sun turn the water into molten gold, or wait until the crests of the gently rolling waves are turned silver by the moon. Arrange for a candlelight dinner beneath the swaying palm trees or explore the natural beauty of the island on rented wheels. Share a kiss on top of Mount Tantalus or enjoy a late night walk enveloped in the scent of night-blooming flowers at the Waimea Valley Audubon Park.

Flights to Bali 

Bali is a quintessential tourist haven and somehow, even if you have been there several times, there are still so many places to explore. This exotic destination loves to care for and pamper its guests, thus you will find plenty of resorts catering to almost every need of each clientele. The Maya Ubud Resort & Spa provides that and more, giving you a wonderful and memorable experience like no other. So if you are looking for a place to spend some days off for a romantic Valentine getaway, this is the resort to be.

Maya Ubud Resort is located between the green rice fields of Peliatan and the Petanu River Valley. It is just an hour away by car from the international airport in Bali. It offers various romantic packages that guarantees your full satisfaction, including a 4-day 3-night stay that includes private airport pick-up and send-off, aromatherapy flower bath, one time breakfast in bed, lunch and candlelight dinner, as well as 2-hour spa pampering, and various other package inclusions, all design to make your stay at the resort a memorable one.

Flights to Bali 

Their romantic dinner set up is something beyond your expectation, set up on the upper pool deck, under a white tent beneath the stars, lit with the glow of several candles and warm artificial lights. A private butler serves you a six-course menu consisting of the freshest catch from the sea with organically grown vegetables and fruits, organic tea or coffee and two glasses of sparkling wine. If this is not an ultimate romantic getaway experience, then you must not be in love right now.

Flights to Vanuatu 

If you want a place that offers you peace and quiet, with plenty of time to be just by yourselves, Vanuatu cannot be beat. It is just a three and a half-hour flight from Canberra. The South Pacific island nation has one of the friendliest peoples on earth, who are more in love with their country than with money. Visitors here are welcomed warmly yet left alone to discover and enjoy the natural beauty of the island.

The nation’s capital, Port Vila, is located in Efate. It is the centre of tourism in Vanuatu where every resort, hotel and restaurant affords a great view of its lagoons. Just thirty minutes from Port Vila is The Havannah, a new resort that caters only to adults. It is a luxurious and exclusive resort that caters to a small number of clientele. It can only accommodate 34 guests, so there is plenty of room for privacy. Each room has a wonderful view of the sea and the island’s volcanoes, where you can watch the glorious sunset without leaving your room. Resort staff make sure that each guest receive their full attention, setting up the atmosphere for romance, although the sheer beauty of the location is enough for romance to take the romantic course on its own. Watch glorious sunsets, wait for the stars to come out and the moon to rise or dine on exotic and international dishes.


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