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January 2015
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Jan 2015

Top Places to Get Over Your Breakup


Anyone who had been in love had suffered a breakup at one point in time. It is part of life and part of loving someone. Breaking up could drain you. It zaps out all your strength, making you feel lethargic, helpless, sad, distracted, and unable to eat or sleep, in short, it turns you into a zombie-like imitation of your former self. Rather than indulge in self-pity, be proactive and go travelling, which is one of the best ways to heal your broken heart. There are various positive reasons for it as well, by travelling solo and making decisions on your own and meeting new people and trying new things.

Travelling distracts you and removes you from the places where you’ve had fun with your ex. Go to a place where you have never been to with him or her to clear you head and gain a fresher perspective. It helps push you forward instead of dwelling in the past. It helps make you decide on how and where to have fun and give you more time to learn about yourself – something that you lose when you are in a relationship. Travelling takes you out of your comfort zone and lets you rediscover who you really are.

Italyitaly8Fly me to Italy 

If you are thinking that your life is in ruins because of a broken relationship, it seems fitting to be surrounded by actual ruins, so you can draw a parallel. You’ll realise that they are relics of the past, good to look at for their historic value, but you know that they will remain as they are – ruins that would crumble to pieces in due time, just like your heart ache. See the ruins at Herculaneum and Pompeii. Soothe your heart with the history, fantastic cuisine, comfortable weather and the lovely people of Italy. Forget your worries and have fun sampling the various flavors of Italian gelato and authentic Italian pastas and pizzas. If you do not like the crowd that are often seen in top places such as Venice and Rome, visit the lovely coast close to Genoa, where everything will be to your liking, which will make you forget why you hotfoot it to Italy in the first place.

Fly me to Italy

Check out the solo cycling tours that will take you on a scenic tour of vineyards, visits to centuries-old wine cellars, soaking in hot springs and gorging in chocolates and truffles. And if you are a Roman Catholic, visit a church and renew your faith and pray for your quick healing and peace of mind.

Fly me to Mexico

A cruise to sunny Mexico maybe the right prescription for healing a broken heart. Mexico is a happy place to visit, where life is full of fun and laughter. Mexicans are friendly and you’ll always feel welcome. There’s always a helping hand as well. The prices of things in Mexico are cheap and the many varieties of food available are always fresh, sumptuous, flavourful and of high quality.

Mexico’s Pacific Coast will give you plenty of time to relax, explore and forget whatever worries you. Check out the beaches in and around Puerto Vallarta. The resort town is fascinating in itself, with its colonial plaza and radiating cobbled streets. North and south of the resort town are several small villages that will help you regain a tranquil and calm mind. Discover the beautiful beach areas such as Sayulita, Isla Rio Cuale, Playa de los Muertos, Bahía de Banderas, Mismaloya, Punta Mita, Bucerias, Costalegre, Barra de Navidad, Melaque, Costa Careyes and Bahía Chamela where you will find different activities to keep you busy while enjoying the experience.

mexico 3
Fly me to Mexico

Learn about the indigenous culture of Mexico in Chiapas where the beautiful hand-woven cloths with various patterns are a means of communication. Get a taste of real 100 percent agave-made tequila and see some of the famous Mexican pyramids in Mexico City and Tulum. You’ll come back refreshed, recharged and ready to take on new challenges in life.

Fly me to Thailand

A trip to Thailand after a breakup is one that is full of sensory pleasures. Thailand is the world’s spa capital and a trip there will allow you to heal not only your heart and mind but also your entire being. Restore your physical and emotional balance with some help from therapists, acupuncturists and naturopaths in Koh Samui, where several full service spas are available.

Spend lazy days visiting Thailand’s various temples, walking on powder-soft sand and testing the warm waters of the country’s many beaches before ending your day with a foot massage or a more thorough full body massage. Book an island-hopping tour and spend time on the beaches of Krabi and Koh Phi, which are definitely less crowded than the more popular Phuket. It is up to you if you want to join thousands of revelers dancing on the beach when the moon is full or simply laze about in a place that is quieter and more laid-back.

Fly me to Thailand 

Go hiking, hot-air ballooning or zip lining in Chiang Mai or learn to be a mahout (elephant trainer) for one day at the Elephant Conservation Center. Chiang Mai has daily night bazaars where you can buy silk scarves made in Wua Lai, delicately scented flower-shaped soaps carved by hand and various handicraft items. Even if you are not Buddhist, visiting some of the Buddhist temples in Bangkok and having a close encounter with various statues of Buddha will calm your mind and bring you peace.

Rio de Janeirorio2Fly me to Rio De Janeiro

Forget the drama that temporarily stopped you from enjoying life. Have some fun to heal your scarred heart with a trip to a place that spells f-u-n and head off to Rio (de Janeiro). If you are not ready for full, all-out fun, spend a day or two at Ipanema Beach and think of nothing else but the enjoyment of watching life go by. After you’ve recharged, take out those dancing shoes of yours and check of the night life in Lapa’s clubs. During the day you can explore the city’s exotic sights, such as the artsy Santa Teresa enclave. Or you can explore the backstreets and find delightful stores that sell various stuff, from jewellery to miniscule bikinis to Havaianas to flower and food stalls during the weekends.

Fly me to Rio De Janeiro 

Allow a wonderful sense of peace envelope you as you gaze at the grandeur of the Christ the Redeemer on top of Corcovado Hill in Copacabana. Take the cog train that will bring you to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain and enjoy the grand spectacle of a wondrous sunset. Soak up local culture by visiting Costa Verde, which is located southwest of Rio. It’s a great place to explore, with its colonial architecture and cobblestoned roads. There are beaches if you want to take a dip and cosy guesthouses if you want to stay over. But if you want to party, there’s no stopping you as the sound of samba is ubiquitous in Rio. Let your hair down and let go of all your worries as you party in Rio.

Fly me to Dublin

Renew your vigor and forget that you’re getting over a broken relationship in a warm and homey atmosphere that is so different from what you’re used to and visit Dublin, Ireland’s capital. It is full of age-old charm and the fresh country air will soothe your flagging spirit.Dublin has plenty of outstanding sights, colourful history, splendid museums and a lively nightlife. Temple Bar might be overrated but there are so many other pubs and clubs in Dublin, you do not have time to be lonely. If you’re bookish, then find the time to visit the library at Trinity College, which is home to over a million manuscripts and books.Enrich your cultural knowledge of Ireland by visiting the National Museum of Decorative Arts and History and the National Museum of Archaeology and History. Be sure to drop by and spend some time for contemplation in the beautiful Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and let the serenity of the church calm your aching heart and lift up your spirit. End your sojourn in Dublin with a visit to the Guinness Storehouse and learn how the famous beer is brewed and enjoy a free pint at its Gravity Bar while you take in the view of Dublin.

dublin 2
Fly me to Dublin

Prepare to have a fresh start after you return from you trip. Make new friends, change jobs if you want or relocate. But the best thing you can do is to be ready to move on and enjoy the brand new you.


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