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December 2014
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Dec 2014

Romance is not bounded by time and place. But it can truly be more romantic when the time and the place are just right. The idea of a romantic place is vastly different, based on the couple’s particular tastes and definition of what constitutes a romantic setting. Take Bali for example. It has always been known as a top tourist destination for its natural beauty and its many attractions. It has a very laid-back atmosphere and a typically idyllic setting for a romantic getaway. You can almost have everything in Bali. You have the sun, surf and world-class luxuries amid verdant forests, mountains, beaches and resorts that ooze with romance. Despite the multitude of people descending on its shores, there are still plenty of things in this lovely island that remain unexplored.

Bali has plenty of accommodation options to suit every taste and budget. You can be within the center of action or choose one that is in a secluded location. Wherever you decide to be, you are not far from enjoying a wonderful sunset, hear the gentle murmurs of leaves brushing against each other, listen to the gentle play of the waves against the sand and rocks and the soft, wonderful music from nature. Here are a few that we can recommend, which are some of the best places for couples to stay while exploring Bali.

Top Five Couple Resort Destinations 

Kayana Villas
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Kayana Villas
For secluded luxury and comfort, you are assured of them at Kayana Villas, which has 24 fully-appointed villas that give you complete privacy. Each of the 24 private villas has its own pool and private entrance. You also have direct access to the beach, which is more than great. Your every need will be serviced and provided for by an attentive and discrete team of butlers. Just what newlyweds need! You can spend a wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating time at Ayur Spa that is located on site.Couples will have tranquil moments of togetherness just by simply walking along the tree-lined path or dipping into and lazing about a fairly-sized outdoor pool. In the evenings, what could be better than a romantic candle-lit dinner for two within your own private nook?

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Four Seasons at Jimbaran Bay
If you want accommodation that is right on the beach, then the luxurious Four Seasons at Jimbaran Bay is a good choice. The views of the beach alone is worth it. Not only that, mind you, as you can also experience what Balinese culture is truly like right here. It is one of the best hotels usually recommended for people on their honeymoon. The hotel offers a romantic honeymoon package so you can experience the charms of the island.

Four Seasons at Jimbaran Bay is already 15 years old and is an icon. It is also dramatically located on top of a cliff. There are 147 pavilions decked with luxurious teak wood and batik fabrics, covered with thatched roofs. Each pavilion has its own garden and some have kitchenettes and flower-strewn private plunge pools and some come with private staff as well. You’ll have incredible views of the beach and of Mount Agung. The hotel also has a private white sand beach where couples can enjoy a variety of water sports. Be adventuresome and sign up for a half-day Balinese cooking class. It’s conducted by the Indonesian chefs of the resort and includes a tour of the local vegetable and fish market.

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The Samaya Seminyak
Right next door to the Seminyak Beach is The Samaya Seminyak that allows couples to spend their hours in tranquility and comfort yet still gain easy access to the cosmopolitan street life. The size of the resort is beyond moderate, with its 52 villas, all luxuriously equipped along with their own swimming pools. The resort is built around four hectares of land, divided into 22 Royal Courtyard Villas that are located in a tranquil area in a village setting and 7 Royal Pavilion Villas and 23 Pool Villas that are built along the Seminyak Beach.

True to its rich and imperial surroundings, the resort tops it when it comes to amenities and service. You’ll be treated to sumptuous local dishes and plenty of pampering at the resort’s spa facilities. You can put an end to your day time activities by sipping cocktails at the resort’s Breeze Restaurant, which has become a favourite for people who love to watch the sun’s glorious colours as it prepares to retire for the night.

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Alila Ubud
The Alila Ubud provides a touch of the traditional village life in Bali in its architecture. The resort, which is on a hilltop, consists of 14 two-storey blocks made of stone and wood that house 56 rooms and eight villas. Each of the rooms accord occupants a grand view of the district’s valley, a ring of volcanoes and the River Ayung that traverses the valley.While the mention of Bali conjures up scenes of white sand beaches and swaying palm trees, Alila Ubud presents another facet of Bali. The resort is located in the island’s arts district and is situated inland, but this does not minimize the number of things you can see and discover.

The Alila Ubud presents something truly different. Amid its modernity is a traditional Balinese architectural design and local ambience. Swimming in its infinity pool gives you the opportunity to look out to the jungle and valley below. Alila Ubud gives you a “grand escape” to say the least, where you can be pampered and recharged time and again at the Mandara Spa that is so popular not only for their incredible massages but also for their use of custom-made products made from local and natural ingredients. Spend some time at the resort’s in-house art gallery or at its sculpture garden and dine on cuisine that is spiked with the flavours of the Mediterranean. Borrow mountain bikes from the resort and tour the nearby countryside.

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The Bulgari Resort Bali

True to the luxurious name it carries the Bulgari Resort Bali is the epitome of tropical luxury. The ultra-modern resort sits atop a cliff, with a great view of the Indian Ocean below and beyond. The location is quite daring, making it look like a sparkling, expensive and rare jewel amid all the ruggedness. There are only 59 rooms that comprise the resort, but all of them have been constructed and furnished with care, each one carrying natural elements from its wooden floors made of Indonesian wood, natural lava bricks for walls, with floor to ceiling glass walls for a refreshing view of manicured gardens with a variety of tropical plants. An elevator takes visitors right down to the resort’s private beach.

Bulgari Bali is an exclusive destination for couples. It combines the opulence of Italian design and the unspoilt beauty of Bali’s natural surroundings. The stonework were all carved by hand. The result is something chic and exotic. The resort management takes care to keep the beach free of man-made structures, which invites schools of dolphins to come and play. The current here is quite treacherous so the beaches are only good for sunbathing and strolling.Dining is always a pleasure, because you get to taste a combination of local cuisine and the flavors that are always associated with Italian food. With the resort following the natural curvature of the cliff, you are given several vantage points from its restaurant, bar and pool areas. Experience what it’s like to see local fishing boats turn into dark silhouettes bobbing on the water as the sun goes down.

Romantic Things To Do In Bali

The memories of your stay in Bali are sure to be personal treasures, but there are also some things that could contribute for a more romantic interlude. Here are some ideas.

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Padlocks of Love
Certainty you have heard of those love padlocks that supposedly seal the love between couples. There are many places around the world where the padlocks of love have been started, first in Italy and spreading out to France and other parts of Europe including Moscow. The trend has reached Asia and you can now find them in China and Korea and right here in Ubud on the old Tjampuhan Bridge. Get your names engraved on a pair of padlocks and hang them on the Love Tree. Order the padlocks three days in advance and make a special event out of the ritual for you and your partner.

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Watch the sunset at Uluwatu Temple
The Uluwatu Temple, which is known officially as the Pura Luhur Uluwatu, is an 11th century Hindu temple that sits on a coral cliff bank on the southern tip of the Bali Peninsula. The cliff is about 80 metres above sea level and is flanked by a dry forest. Some people find the monkeys in the area quite annoying because they know how to steal food and trinkets, and there is an absence of other attractions in the area. Barring that, what you are about to witness at dusk is something worth the trip. What makes it perfect is the unhampered view of the sunset that turns the sea and the area from red to orange to gold to pale yellow before the sun finally hides. By the way, it is a good idea to carry a stick to ward off the monkeys.

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Tour the Gili Islands
Enjoy plenty of times to be alone at the Gili Islands, which has such a laid back atmosphere. It is a great place to spend precious moments together. There are three major islands you can go to: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. Each one is blessed with friendly people, colourful coral reefs and fantastic beaches. And best of all, there’s no pollution. Time seems to be at a standstill when you are in the Gili Islands. You can spend hours on the beach where the sand is as soft as powdery white sugar. You can chase marine life among the beautiful coral reefs or simply spend time floating on the sparkling turquoise water. Go diving, snorkeling, listen to reggae music or simply enjoy the treat of dining on the freshest and most succulent seafood caught on the same day.

Mount Agung
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Climb Mount Agung
This is more suited for adventurous couples, because Mount Agung is the highest mountain in Bali. You will definitely need a guide to climb the mountain, which has three climbing routes. You have to be physically fit and have experience in trekking to climb Mount Agung. It is not a joke because the trek could take nearly seven hours and is truly physically demanding. It’s the rest stops at the campsites that more than make up for the arduous climb. You cannot imagine the sheer beauty of watching the sunset above the clouds which turn everything you see around you into shimmering gold. You also get to enjoy a fantastic sunset bonfire while you gaze at the contrasting scenery of verdant foliage and fluffs of cotton wool disguised as clouds. Once you have reached the summit then you will understand the reasons why nature has to be preserved.

water palace
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Swimming at the Tirtagangga Water Palace
You turn back the clock when you visit the Tirtagangga Water Palace, where the reflecting and swimming pools are filled with water coming from the springs located underneath the temple and a very old Banyan tree. It is believed that the waters here have youth-giving and healing powers. The waters at the swimming pool are refreshingly cool. Stay in one of the villas in the complex and spend endless hours gazing at the mesmerizing statues and stone sculptures in the gardens. The 11-tier fountain adorned with stunning sculptures give you plenty of opportunities to take pictures. Beyond the complex are undulating postcard-perfect soft green rice terraces, indigo-colored sea, and distant hills and mountains shrouded in clouds and mist.

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