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August 2014
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Aug 2014

12 Travel Hacks to Make Your Jet-setting Life Simpler

Travel Tips

Travelling to different parts of the world is such a joy, only if you know how to effectively live out of a suitcase. And that is the first hurdle – what to pack, what not to bring, how to pack effectively to have more space, where to put the odds and ends and how not to leave things behind, either at home or whichever place you lodged for the night or the duration of your stay. So let us take a look at some practical tips to make travelling easier, shall we?

Travel card

1. First off, contact your credit card company and inform them that you are going to travel. This means that your offshore purchases will be authorised and you will not be labelled as a suspicious character, you know, since credit card theft is rampant and all.

2. For the local currency to your destination, you can do one of three things.

- You can purchase it before you leave your country (and declare it, of course)

- Use the local ATM in the destination, which will dispense cash in the local currency. This means you will not be dependent on money exchangers that give different rates.

- Use a Travelex card – cash passport which has a fixed exchange rate on the main currencies. For more info:

roll clothes

3. Maybe your mum taught you to fold your clothes flat and neat. That’s all right if you are putting them in the closet. However, when travelling you will have less-wrinkled clothes when you roll them. You also save on space. Small items can be rolled together with your clothes. Dressier items could be wrapped in layers of tissue paper to minimise, if not prevent, wrinkles.

Shoes Image credit:

4. Protect your clothes and your shoes by wrapping them in shower caps. And to keep your clothes smelling fresh, place one or two drier sheets in your suitcase.

storage Image credit:

5. If you cannot get by without your trinkets, keep them in one place, untangled, in plastic medicine/pill boxes. You can also push the chains of your necklaces through plastic straws before closing the clasp for easier storage.

6. An old sunglasses case can be used to keep the cables of your electronic gadgets in one place. You can also recycle those metal candy tins and use them as storage cans for your cables and earbuds.

7. Ladies, here’s one neat idea. Store your extra cash inside those cute, individual sanitary napkin packages before putting it in your purse. Inconspicuous and safe from prying fingers.

8. If you’re travelling with a backpack, protect your clothes from the unexpected downpour by lining your bag with durable trash bag. Also, zip lock bags in varying sizes are handy for storing things.


9. Scan your photo ID, passport, ticket and your travel itinerary and email them to yourself. In case of the loss of your travel documents, (heaven forbid), you will have proof.

10.Learn a few basic words and phrases in the local language. You’ll be amazed at how many doors that will open for you in your destination country. You could also get discounts as locals appreciate your effort to learn their language.

11.When you’ve reached your hotel, do not take everything out of your suitcase. Unpack only your toiletries and the items you immediately need. It will help eliminate the possibility of forgetting personal items when you leave.

12.Travelling makes you thirsty. Take an empty water bottle with you. Once you’ve passed airport security, fill it up at the airport drinking fountain. It will save you a few bucks.

You do not have to bring your house with you when you travel. Learning how to get organised better and storing things neatly will help with packing and unpacking your suitcase like a breeze, and hopefully, not leaving anything important behind.

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