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June 2014
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Jun 2014

Top Travel Apps You Simply Must Have on Your Phone!


Why do you need to install travel apps on your phone when most smartphones are already pre-loaded with apps that could be useful when you are on a trip? Installing a select number of travel apps extend the usefulness of your smartphone. It is handier and more portable. It is always with you. Most smartphones are WiFi-enabled and finding a hotspot is very easy these days. Let’s find out some of the top travel apps that you might find useful to install on your iPhone, Android or Windows phones and BlackBerrys.

Free (and paid) travel apps for flight management, entertainment and more 

1.  Skiddoo iPhone App

Skiddoo Australia already has its own iPhone app that you can easily download and install, so you can find cheap flight rates to worldwide destinations, compare airline rates and flight times and book your flights quickly and easily through your smartphone. Neat, isn’t it?

Click here to download 

Skiddoo App

2.  XE Currency Converter

For frequent travellers to many parts of the world, having a currency converter app on your phone allows you to know the latest live currency exchange rate in your destination. Great for calculating travel expenses. It is available for all smartphone operating systems.

Click here to download

3.  WiFi Finder

If you want to stay connected quickly, without expensive data downloads, you will find the WiFi Finder a very handy tool for Android and iPhones. It makes it easier for you to locate a free WiFi hotspot and compare WiFi connections strengths.

Click here to download for iPhone     Click here to download for Android 

4.  Roadtrippers

Australians planning to tour the United States will find this free app (for U.S. only) very handy. It’s got a map interface that is easy to use, which allows you to find nature hikes, places to find good food or shopping, city attractions as well as a bit of history. It also allows you to meet up and chat with other roadtrippers.

Click here to download for iPhone     Click here to download for Android 

5.  Duolingo

Australian travellers cannot expect English to be spoken in every country they travel to. With the Duolingo app you can learn Italian, Portuguese, German or French as well as English. It can be installed on an Android phone or on an iPhone.

Click here to download


6.  Evernote Food

Evernote Food app is for foodies who love to find great food. Available for an iPhone or Android phone download, this is an app that lets you upload and share restaurants, recipes and photos.

Click here to download for iPhone     Click here to download for Android 

7.  TravelSmart

This travel app is a good tool in case of an emergency as it gives you access to emergency numbers and local hospitals overseas. It also gives health advice and information about foreign medicine. It is available for iPhone and Android.

Click here to download for iPhone     

8.  TripIt

TripIt allows you to collate all your travel plans in one location by accessing your inbox. It grabs everything concerning your travel, and create trips for you and while you continue making bookings it will update and organise your plan for you. Available for Android phones only.

Click here to download

9.  Hotel Tonight 

This app allows you to find a hotel, make a booking and check in on the same day, from a selection of hotels that have rooms available. Great for those that need to travel at short notice. It’s available for Android phones.

Click here to download for iPhone     Click here to download for Android 

10.  Uber

The Uber app allows you to get around a strange city with ease, as you will be able to call for a ride instead of trying to call for a taxi in the street. If you are travelling to the U.S. it allows you to use Google Wallet for payments. Install it on your Android phone.

Click here to download for iPhone     Click here to download for Android 

11. Word Lens Translator

Instantly translate printed words with your phone’s camera! Word Lens gives you translation on the go. For example this can be used for street signs overseas or even newspapers. I’m telling you this app is a must have!

Click here to download for iPhone     Click here to download for Android 

Phone roaming is expensive but Aussies don’t mind!?

You know we’re fond of our smartphones because it allows us to be connected anywhere they go. Google Maps and Facebook are top mobile phone apps that Australians use when they are overseas. While data downloads are expensive, some smart travellers are finding it cheaper by looking for WiFi hotspots that are widely available now, especially in Europe. However, on a survey conducted for Vodaphone, it looks like Australians do not mind paying for phone roaming services while out of the country. With this, mobile phone operators in Australia are now offering structured and less expensive roaming plans for travellers. Good to hear!

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