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June 2014
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Jun 2014

Top 10 Tips to Fight Airport Boredom



With the air travel security requirements today, it is necessary to go to the airport much earlier before your scheduled flight. After all the queuing and the security checks, you’ve finally checked-in your luggage and gotten your boarding pass. But you still have an hour or two on your hands before your flight is called. Now you’re stuck with nothing to do (or not). Here are some tips on how to remove the boredom of a long airport layover.

1. Catch up with work
If you are a businessman or a company executive, turn on your laptop and do some work. Why waste your time twiddling your fingers when you can get them busy over your computer keys? Many airports nowadays offer free WiFi services while others charge very minimal fees.

iphone working airport

2. Do some exercise
Many airports today have full gyms. If you are coming from the U.S. or Canada, you can check out if the international airport has a gym and/or fitness centre through You do not have to do too strenuous an exercise, just enough to get your blood circulation going. You will find that you will feel better during your flight.


3. Fill your tummy
Today’s airports feature many restaurants and bars that serve good meals. If you are on a budget flight to or from Australia, have the pleasure of having a snack or a full course  meal at leisure. By the time your flight is called, your meal would have settled down.

4. Do some shopping
Yes, we’re serious. We recommend that you do some shopping at the airport while waiting for your flight. Many modern airports today have shops that sell arts and crafts that you might not have seen when you were in the city. This gives you the opportune time to get some souvenirs for family, friends and work colleagues. Or buy some snacks if you are in for a long flight. Note: Duty Free!

shopping at the airport

5. Catch up on your reading
Pack the book that you’ve been putting off reading and spend your time to do some quality reading. If you do not have a book with you, see what you can find at the airport bookstore, curl up in one corner and lose yourself in its pages.


6. Take a nap
Yes, a nap, and why not? Travelling by air is still tiring. Catch up a few Zs while at the airport. Modern airports have wide and fully padded chairs to cater to passenger comfort. Choose a corner where you will not be disturbed, set your alarm and snooze. It is refreshing.


7. Listen to music
What better way to while away the hours than listening to your favorite music. You can store them on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or music player. You can easily lose yourself for a while when you are surrounded by your fave music and videos.

8. Play a game
Why not? Some airports have video game arcades for children and adults. Of course you can also play using any of your electronic gadgets. You will not notice that you’ve spent the two- to three-hour wait.

9. Pamper yourself
For the busy you, what is better than some pampering. Many of today’s airports have massage shops and day spas. You’ll be more relaxed and ready for your flight after a muscle-soothing massage, a facial or even a simple manicure and pedicure.

10. Have some quiet time
Busy people normally find it difficult to have some time for themselves. Airports have quiet rooms and chapels for meditation, praying and contemplation. Take this rare chance to enjoy the silence. It is very relaxing.


Hopefully you have not forgotten your passport in your rush to the airport, because we do not have a handy tip for that! Have a great flight.


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