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April 2014
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Apr 2014

ANZAC Day: Australia’s Pilgrimage to Gallipoli


 We will remember them

ANZAC Day is a very important for the people of Australia and New Zealand. It is during this day when we commemorate the sacrifices the peacekeepers made during World War I to protect the land. Therefore, every year, the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps or ANZAC are given tributes. Aside from these 2 countries, this day is also observed in other countries such as Pitcairn Islands, Cook Islands and Tonga, Samoa and Papua New Guinea.


 April 25, 1916 is marked as the official ANZAC day. Outside Australia and New Zealand, there are a lot of commemorative celebrations including a dawn service in Gallipoli, Turkey which many people travel to see. There is also a march in London which involves Australian and New Zealand troops. While in Australia, a brigade war diaries show is held to solemnise the memory of the people who died during the war. The day usually begins with a dawn requiem mass and followed by a commemorative service.


The ANZAC Gallipoli Ballot: What is it and why register?

Since there is a cap on the number of people who can attend the Gallipoli celebration, the attendees have to cast a ballot to be drawn. Out of the 42,000 who applied this year, only 8,000 Australia tickets were given. The next commemoration day is special as it marks the 100th year of the celebration. The overall cap for the event is 10,500. Since the Australians have been given 8,000 spots, the other 2,000 will be reserved for New Zealanders and 250 for Turkish representatives. The remaining spots will be divided amongst official guests from nations that were involved during the Gallipoli campaign. Those who have been chosen have to confirm their attendance right away. Successful applicants will receive an initial email advice any time soon according to Michael Ronaldson, the assistant minister for the Centenary celebration of ANZAC. Only those who have received the attendance pass may gain access to the official celebration at Gallipoli.

Travel Advice for ANZAC Day

During the actual celebration, it is advised to wear wet weather jacket and pants, thermal clothing, beanie hat or gloves especially during the night. During the day, lighter clothing is advised. You should also bring food or snacks with you all the time as the queue for food service might be very long. The same thing is true for drinking water. Of course, don’t forget your camera to capture the moments.

Go ahead and have fun on this special day and also don’t forget to pause for a while and be grateful to those who served during the war.

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