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March 2014
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Mar 2014

Want to take a working holiday overseas?



Get your working holiday started

Australia & partner countries have a bilateral Working Holiday Maker program, for young people ages 18 to 30 years. The program grants Australians the chance to either study or work for a short period during their extended holiday.

Here is your chance to earn money while you travel.


 The basic eligibility requirements:

  • Valid Australian passport holder
  • Meet character and health requirements
  • 18 to 30 years old, inclusive, at the time of application
  • No dependent children going with you
  • Sufficient funds for onward or return fare and holds a return ticket
  • Enough funds for the first part of your trip

Partner countries for Working Holidays visa arrangements include: Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

Work & Holiday visa arrangements are available for: Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, Turkey, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand & the United States. There are specific requirements for these countries, which you can get from the Australian immigration website.


Most popular working holiday destinations:

  •  For those wanting to explore Europe, UK & London, work with a registered organisation so you can choose whether you want to teach, work in an English pub or spend some time as a nanny.
  • Explore parts of the United States or Canada and then work part of your holiday as a nanny, a summer camp counsellor, or be an intern if you’ve just graduated to jumpstart your work experience. If you are still a student, look at the options open for 12-month work placements.
  • If travelling to the Middle East, Africa & Asia is your dream, the most lucrative short-term job is teaching English as a secondary language.


Most popular jobs for a working holiday:

You’ve seen some of the sights and rarin’ to explore some more. Working while on holiday through the program requires you to make arrangements prior to your trip.

  • For born explorers and leaders, check out the opportunities to join a local tour company to organise tour groups.
  • You can teach English, however you may need to have a TESOL qualification depending on the country.
  • Au pairing may not pay that much but you get the chance to master a foreign language.
  • If you love to ski, you can be a chalet staff or a ski instructor if you are qualified.
  • Got a knack for writing? Connect with newspapers and magazines that are always open for freelance contributors.
  • Get social by working in a pub or restaurant, or being a cook or kitchen hand.
  • Farm work may not pay much but you get to work on your tan, save on meals & accommodation.


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