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February 2014
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Feb 2014

Different Accommodation Options Overseas


When traveling, there would be a lot of inconveniences, nuisances as well as new experiences. This is true of the sights, food, and things to do. It is also true whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure.

When it comes to accommodations, it is a matter of preference more than anything else. It would do well to be comfortable with the travel and lodging arrangements when in a place you have not been to before.

Here are some things to consider when arranging your travel accommodations:

What do you plan on doing? If you plan to be working, you should find a place that also has WiFi, and is easily accessible to the business district. If possible find a place, which is within walking distance of your business meetings. Most business hotels are geared towards a working visit by their guests.

Food. Most hotels have breakfast buffets. These are great come ons for guests who don’t want to be bothered about choosing eating places first thing in the morning. It would also be good to check out the neighborhood for nearby restaurants and fast food joints. There are also some places, which allow you to cook in your room. If that is to your liking, it might be less expensive if you would be staying for a long time.

Traveling on the cheap. If you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider a pension house. If the city you are visiting has beaches, a resort might prove to be a welcome change from a staid hotel room.

Dorm-type accommodations. For those who are near famous trek or pilgrimage routes, dormitory type accommodations can be availed of, especially if it’s only an overnight stay. These are no-frills bed only accommodations, and the traveler has to be always wary that personal belongings might get lost.

Capsule rooms. When in Japan, capsule hotels are some of the cheapest places to stay overnight. The cubicle amenities vary a lot depending on the capsule hotel operator.

Bed and breakfast. At rural towns, the local bed and breakfast may be the only option. These are usually traveler friendly establishments with a laidback atmosphere.

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