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February 2014
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Feb 2014

How to Survive a Long Haul Flight


Whether you are a regular traveller or not, plane travel is a necessity for long distance trips. With pre-flight and post-flight procedures, long haul flights typically take up most of a day. Departure requirements and procedures take up a lot of waiting time. On the other hand, arrival processing in most large airports means long queues.

With the interminable wait before and after a flight, the only thing to do would be to try to keep interested during a long flight. Here are some things you can do to survive a long haul flight:

• Foot exercises. For some people, a plane ride is torture. This is doubly so for those who are diabetic or those with varicose vein problems. Besides compression socks, one other thing a long distance traveler can do is to keep on moving around. On a plane, this does not seem to be possible. However with exercises, which can be done while comfortably seated, time should pass by without any leg pain.

• Read a book. Whether this is an actual book made of paper, or an ebook, reading is an enjoyable way to let time pass by while sitting for a long time. This activity, however, is not for everyone, as not everyone likes reading a book.

• Watch a movie on your mobile device. There are a lot of movies to choose from on long haul flights. Among all the choices, there should be one that might be interesting. But just in case there might not be anything interesting to watch on the flight, you can bring along your media player or tablet and watch whatever movie you fancy.

There are other activities, like playing games with your companion, or just listening to music. Others take the time to get some sleep. A flight of six hours or more can be boringly long or it can be time well spent.

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