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December 2013
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Dec 2013

Destination Guide: Thailand


From white sand beaches, to dramatic mountains, fast-paced cities and some of the world’s best resorts, hotels and villas, Thailand continues to attract visitors from across the globe as Southeast Asia’s most popular tourist hot spot.

Thailand is also renowned for its friendly locals and well preserved history with a monarchy dating back nearly a thousand years. The culture and legacies left behind are evident in today’s society with religion playing an important role in everyday life. Buddhism is the predominant religion and you will not need to go far on your travels to discover a glittering temple. Festivals and religious holidays are celebrated with a passion and it’s well worth joining in if you are on holiday when one takes place.


When to go?

Thailand’s high season or busiest period is from December to March with hotel and flight prices rising to reflect this. The weather during this time is hot and sunny in the South most days, with Bangkok remaining consistently humid all year. Northern Thailand is home to a cooler climate most evenings with rainy season arriving in June until September making it a good time to see rice paddies in full glory.

What to do?

If it’s a relaxed beach holiday you are after, then the island of Koh Samui may be just what you’re after. With beautiful beaches and stunning resorts, there are a variety of accommodation options to suit all budgets. Phuket Island is Thailand’s most well-known tourist hub and is equal parts beach holiday and bustling nightlife.


Eating is considered a national pastime in Thailand and tourists are well advised to sample the delicious Thai cuisine which varies in spice and flavour across the land. One place offering a little taste of everything is bustling Bangkok, a sprawling metropolis packing in a heady variety of dining venues, high end stores, city skyscrapers, floating markets and cultural attractions, Bangkok is definitely worth a look.

When the pace becomes too fast then it might be time to take a trip North to charming Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is a cultural haven of dreamy mountain landscapes, ancient temples, indigenous hill tribes and traditional Lanna architecture. This relaxing place is a great area to explore unspoilt national parks, cool waterfalls and enjoy an abundance of adventure activities. Chiang Mai is also a great location to experience a traditional Thai massage.

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