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November 2013
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Nov 2013

The Mile High Club


You have probably heard of the many ways of expressing love to a special someone. It ran the gamut of ideas from romantic dinners under a starlit sky, to a picnic in a hot air balloon, trip to an idyllic and romantic place and more. You can get the drift. It usually involves candles, lots of it, flowers and scattered petals, the finest wine, chocolates, tantalizing scents that waft in the air or room…It’s a matter of being creative, being bold or being inspired.

But what if you are looking for something else, something wild, risqué even, something out of the ordinary?  Well, then, look no more. Mile High Club will give you that!

Mile High Club

For want of a better description of what the Mile High Club is, it is slang for people indulging in sexual activities inside an aircraft that is 5,280 feet or one mile from the earth. Most of the people indulging in this activity are thrill seekers that want to spice up their sexual relationship or experience.

Romance (is) in the air

Taking the concept into something more constructive and profitable, an Ohio-based company, Flamingo Air introduced the concept of getting more romantic up in the clouds. Flamingo Air is offering private flights for couples, marketed as a “more-than-romantic” trip up in the skies. It’s a move that makes those “discrete” and “whispered-about” trysts more open and ethically legal.

The Mile High Club package goes for US$425 plus taxes for a couple, which includes an hour-long flight aboard a Piper Cherokee 6 plane. The plane’s interior is transformed into a romantic love nest, with frilly curtains, controlled lighting to set the mood, with free chocolates and ice-cold champagne. The curtains also work as a divider to screen off the area and separate it from the “very discrete” pilot – their own term.

Could this bring back the spark in a relationship or be the start of a lifelong sweet and romantic relationship? Who can predict what happens next.

Check out Flamingo Air’s website and try it for yourself!

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