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July 2013
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Jul 2013

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Hawaii is mostly associated with beaches and vacations. It is a tropical paradise that everyone expects to offer something fun and exciting. Fortunately, this small archipelago at the northeast corner of Polynesia does not disappoint. It offers splendid attractions and various opportunities for recreation throughout the year.


This is easily one of the top activities tourists in Hawaii would want to experience. Hawaii is dubbed as the “birthplace of surfing” so it shouldn’t be anything surprising that it has some of the world’s best surfing spots. Whether it’s a wet or sunny season, Hawaii’s surfing spots can offer great opportunities for riding the waves. If you want to try the biggest and most challenging surfing spot, head to Jaws, Maui. If you want to ride on some of the world’s biggest waves, Laniakea in Oahu is the place to go. For newbie surfers, Canoes (in Oahu) and Honolua Bay (in Maui) are the preferable destinations.

Catamaran Cruises

Another great activity worth trying is to take a catamaran cruise. This cruise can offer nice views of Hawaii’s beaches and opportunities to come close to the adorable aquatic creatures that occasionally show up on Hawaii’s waters. Humpback whales, for example, frolic near Hawaii’s beaches as they leave Alaska to mate or deliver their offspring in warm waters around Hawaii.


It’s great enjoying the surface of Hawaii’s seas and it can even be greater underwater. Experience diversity underneath Hawaii’s clear waters, particularly in the island of Molokini. Generally, sunlight can enable enough visibility to depths of up to 200 feet.

Biking and Hiking

Of course, enjoying Hawaii is not just about the beaches and the seas. Biking can also be an amazing experience especially in Haleakala, a dormant volcano with noticeable volcanic rocks on the slopes and inside its crater. This majestic 3,000-foot mountain offers what can be one of the most exciting biking and hiking adventures anyone may encounter. As Haleakala is a dormant volcano, don’t expect fiery lavas flowing out of it. If you want to witness the evidence of Hawaii’s volcanic nature, head to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The glowing lava spectacle in the Park is particularly impressive at nighttime.

Indulging in a Polynesian Luau

In addition to warm beaches and grass skirts, luaus are also one of the things quickly associated with Hawaii. This elaborate and exotic party or feast offers a great experience that effortlessly demonstrates Hawaiian hospitality, music, culture, and tradition. It’s an occasion both young and old tourists are bound to enjoy.

Shopping and Dining

Experience the fun of island-style shopping in Hawaii, especially in the beach and resort area of Waikiki. Find interesting items in the area’s quaint shops, artists’ galleries, and major shopping centers. From dyed shirts to books, music CDs, and food items, there’s something that will surely catch your attention. Also, indulge in a gastronomic adventure by trying Hawaii’s extensive selections of delectable dishes that represent the island’s cultural diversity.

Relaxing at Hawaii’s Famous Beaches

If your goal is to simply enjoy the beauty and warmth of the Hawaiian tropical paradise, you can always choose to simply spend some time at Hawaii’s renowned beaches. The sight of lush mountains and sapphire waters induce relaxation while the bright sunny weather ensures pleasure and comfort. You may also find celebrity spotting on the beaches worth the time.

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