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June 2013
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Jun 2013

5 Fun Things to do in Bangkok


Bangkok is famous for its glittering 300 year old temples, mouth-watering local food, excellent shopping and infamous nightlife. But if you’re looking for something a little off-beat and unique to do in Bangkok, then this list is for you!

1. Bangkok Forensic Museum

Possibly the creepiest attraction you will see in Bangkok (or the world!), preserved corpses of serial killers stand alongside deformed babies and gruesome autopsy photos. Perhaps don’t eat anytime around your visit.

2. See a ladyboy cabaret

For something a bit out there, how about taking in a ladyboy cabaret show? These extravagant shows feature outlandish costumes with well choreographed singing and dance routines. Calypso and Mambo are 2 of the best cabarets in Bangkok.

3.  Robot Building

The Robot Building is one of Bangkok’s most unique buildings because it looks like, funnily enough, a giant robot. Apparently based off a robot toy from the architect’s son, the building even has eyes and antennae! There is also an elephant-shaped building in the Chatuchak district.

4. Goddess Tuptim Shrine

This shrine isn’t like any normal shrine you’ll see around Bangkok, it features hundreds of oversized phalluses! Dedicated to fertility, locals and tourists alike flock to the shrine to leave offerings in the hopes a female fertility spirit will bless them with good luck. Others visit just to see the interesting sculptures!

5. Try a fish spa

Want to experience a unique beauty treatment? How about a “fish spa”, where you soak your tired feet in fish-filled water? They nibble at your feet, apparently chewing away your rough heels and cleaning the dead skin.

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